What Kind Of Bizarre Ritual Are These Sea Otters Performing? We Have Some Guesses

by Gorman

ANIMAL KINGDOM — Oh, the wonders of the Animal Kingdom. There are so many fascinating creatures on this planet and they can be beautiful, majestic, impressive, etc. They can also be very weird. Reddit user u/mh_envy posted this video of otters engaging in something that could be characterized as very, very weird. But what ARE they doing?

Looking For One Of Their Contacts That Fell Out

Otters often hunt and feed in groups to protect one another and offer support (hopefully emotional as well as physical support). So they would be quick to help one of their pack if they were to lose a contact, earring or other small little bullshit that can completely upend your day in the dumbest way. And they’re really going for it. Because they care about one another! This is one possibility.

Pretending To Be A Swarm Of Wriggling Maggots

Human beings love to play pretend. We have entire holidays structured around our need to pretend to be something we are not (HALLOWEEN!). If animals didn’t want to be things other than what they were, we wouldn’t have actors. Maybe otters like acting too. If that’s the case, this is clearly a stirring performance as a bunch of maggots writhing and chewing on a carcass of dead flesh. Bravo, otters!

Having a Bad Trip

Some hallucinogenics do not fuck around and many of them appear in nature. For this reason, it’s not advisable to do drugs alone. But if this group of otter friends got a bad batch on a weekend retreat (otters need vacations too, maybe), then a scene like this is bound to occur. They might be absolutely terrified thinking there are millions of spiders trying to kill them.


Look, it isn’t GOOD dancing. But maybe they’re engaging in some kind of modernist performance piece. Who are we to judge the art of another species? If we can be weirdos when we make art, otters can too.

Group Panic Attack

Life is stressful, even when you don’t have to worry about animals constantly trying to eat you (which, thankfully, humans don’t have to be too concerned about.) But if we DID have to worry about that I bet we’d be having a hell of a lot more panic attacks. If lions regularly stopped by our office space to chow down on us, we’d be losing it in the break room on the regular. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if these otters are just going through something. We validate you, otters.

It’s most likely just a process called scent marking. But maybe it isn’t…you don’t know their life. Maybe, just maybe, they’re just as complex and bizarre as we are.

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