Wild Billboards That Bring Laughs And Confusion To The Open Road

by Gorman
billboard featured image

The open road is a sacred space for many of us. At the end of a long day it can be practically therapeutic to jump in the car and drive aimlessly. It’s a great way to clear the old noggin. However, sometimes a long drive can be anything but head clearing. Enter billboards. Here are 11 absolutely hilarious billboards that will make you say “ummm, excuse me?”

1. Call These Guys



2. Billboards For The Sophisticate


Somebody had to have know what was going on here.

3. Crazy How Much Difference A Typeface Can Make On Some Billboards


Bringing a little island flavor to the midwest (we presume.)

4. Great Holes Too


Come for the balls, stay for the grass.

5. Lol, Are You Kidding Me?


This is a top shelf troll.

6. You Only Die Once Too


Side note, this billboard kind of looks like a candy bar.

7. Honestly, What Is Going On With These?


They’re trying to kill us.

8. Hmmmm


I groove in my Calvins!

9. How Did You Know!?


Who the hell are you looking at?!

10. This Lady Is…Happy?


She’s a Scandinavian forest witch.

11. Get Away From Our Dreams, Dude


This guy…no.

There you have it! Want some more funny hilariosity? Click here!