Woman Accused Of Speeding Says She “Didn’t Feel Like Pulling Over”

by Mad Dog
mesa lady

MESA, AZ—You think you got a need for speed? Well, you don’t. This woman does. Her name is Hannah Clevenger and she’s basically an extra in the new Fast And Furious. Yup, she was speeding like a demon, and then looking like a demon too.

Check out this speeding woman below!

Lookin’ good, Hannah!

Yup. So here’s what went down. Hannah was speeding her car pretty fast and police wanted to pull her over. But, she didn’t want to pull over for no 5-0.

According to police in Mesa, Arizona, Hannah told them, “She didn’t feel like pulling over for them.”

Hell yes! That’s so sick. What a QUEEN move. Fuck the police.

As you can see, her wild child antics didn’t stop there. She then gave the police the wildest mugshot ever put to picture. Mugshot? More like HEADSHOT. This woman is a star, speeding towards Hollywood.

Hey Vin Diesel? Suck shit out of our butt. Hannah drives faster than you.

Should you stop when police pull you over?

Officially, yes. But off the record? Absolutely not. Keep speeding like this badass named Hannah. Don’t ever use your brakes, fam, or you will never go viral.

What Car Is The Best To Avoid Cops?

A police car. If you can blend in with cops, they won’t have any idea you’re breaking the law. This is obvious. Keep grinding out there, guys. Let’s fucking go!

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