Woman Calls Police After Missing McDonald’s Breakfast

by Mad Dog

SUSSEX, UK—If you’ve ever been hungover and needed some of the Golden Arches breakfast in the morning, read this now. According to the Sussex Police, a local woman waiting in line at McDonalds missed the 11:30am breakfast window. So she called the cops to remedy the situation.

Syndication: Nick Oza – USA TODAY NETWORK

Look at that breakfast! That’s what this woman missed! We are feeling for you, sister. Get the cops on the line now!

And that’s exactly what she did, according to the police.

“The upset driver contacted police – although thankfully not using 999 – soon after 11am yesterday morning.

She had being queuing up at the East Grinstead McDonalds drive thru but because she had to queue, by the time she got to the ordering window it had gone past 11am and they had stopped serving the McDonalds breakfast and refused to serve her a breakfast,” said the spokesman.

We think this is bullshit:

We agree with the woman who called the police. No one should be stopped from eating the delicious breakfast at McDonalds. Never. Ever. Not in a million years.

Get this woman a sausage McGriddle stat!

The bottom line:

Hash browns from McDonalds are the best thing you can eat in the morning. It is criminal that this woman was prohibited from eating it.