Woman Catfished For $100k After Thinking She Was In Romance With Bruno Mars

by TheDuder95
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Catfished for $100 grand?! Yes it’s possible if you think you are in the midst of a romantic tryst with a famous celebrity. For one woman in Texas who thought she was dating Bruno mars, this was unfortunately the case.

This is really sad, but how lonely do you have to be to think you are able to pull Bruno Mars via Instagram DMs? Come on now!

Catfished for $100 grand?!

News of the unfortunate scam broke yesterday after a Houston man appeared in court. He was accused of posing as musician Bruno Mars on Instagram. His plan was to strike up a romance with a woman and coax her out of $100,000. It worked.

The 63-year-old north Texas woman who fell victim to the romantic scam told police she created an Instagram profile in search of companionship. She told investigators a person pretending to be Mars reached out to her and made her believe they were in a relationship.

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Jesus lady. Just go to the grocery store to pick up older men. Do not do it through Instagram!

Court documents state the woman soon fell in love with the man posing with the Mars account. She believed him to be the real singer because he had sent her texts and photos of the artist on tour. She also told investigators that he wanted to quit the tour to be with her.

The Bruno Mars account then began asking the woman for money. According to investigators, she was asked to make out a $10,000 check to a “friend of the band” for “tour expenses.” Then, two days later, she was asked to draw out more funds. Those funds amounted to $90,000!

Please stay off the Internet!

Luckily, authorities caught wind of the scam. They eventually stepped in to charge two individuals for allegedly defrauding the poor lady out of $100 Gs. Unfortunately the damage was already done. Not only did the woman get scammed, but she also lost the apparent love of her life.

No matter if you think this woman should have been smarter than to think the real Bruno Mars was trying to date her, it’s still a bummer that she didn’t find the companionship she was looking for.

At the end of the day, we all need someone to love. Even if it does result in horrible catfish fraud.