Woman Runs Around On All Fours At A Disturbingly Graceful Clip


Sometimes YouTube recommends a video that just makes you go “oh come on now, what the heck am I looking at?” This is one of those videos. We saw it, and immediately said “oh come on now, what the heck am I looking at?” Upon no further research, we came to discover what we were looking at was in fact a woman running around on all fours like a horse of some sort. We have no choice but to admit that she is extremely good at it too.

What’s her name, you may be thinking without haven’t seen the video yet? It’s Karen Of The Boreal Valley, apparently.

Well, watch Karen do her thing below!

Karen Of The Boreal Valley, we have one thing to say to you right now: we are tryna wife up with what you got going on.

That’s right: let us put a ring on it and take you to out to pasture, watch you explore and graze at your leisure. It’d make us the happiest male-centric humor website in the entire world. Love never seemed like a possibility for us before this video. But the way you trot? We believe. Oh yes, we believe in love now.

Karen Of The Boreal Valley, will you be Men’s Humor’s in-office, communal wife?

You are amazing, woman. God damn. Well, whatever you decide about our offer, we admire your athletic skill and bodily control. You clearly know how to trot like an animal better than we know how to do a squat as a human (belabored point, but you get it…). There should be an Olympic event focused around whatever it is you are doing in this vid, because you would win the gold (or maybe you could accept a little gold ring around your ringer finger? haha, no rush to decide…we’ll be waiting…).

A video that at first made us say “oh come on now, what the heck am I looking at?” has now made us say “oh come on I need that thing in my life forever, through sickness and health and all that marriage stuff.” Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can change over the course of one Men’s Humor article? Consider our minds blown.

Simply epic.