You’re Welcome: Here’s 16 Tasty Memes To Get You Through The Rest Of Your Day

by Tim K

Mondays… Not great! Somehow, some way, we always end up back inside of a Monday, by far the worst day of the week. Isn’t it wild that scientists haven’t figured out a way to avoid this yet? Like, why isn’t there some sort of Click (2006) method of just fast-forwarding through the slog by now? Right? You know? Like when Adam Sandler fast-forwards through the boring parts of his life? And not only that, but he also uses the controller to make himself tanner, in addition to lowering people’s volumes in real life? And that’s to say nothing of when he straight-up PAUSES his life so he can do EPIC and hilarious shit like this!

But alas, Click is just awesome fiction. We can’t do that. We have to sit through our ENTIRE Mondays… Or do we? Could there be some other kind of foolproof, surefire way to escape this terrible Monday for just a little while, a small way to make this shitty day even just slightly better?


Men’s Humor’s.






A bunch of memes for you!

We hope that read as super dramatic with all those line breaks! (Please let us know in the comments if it did or not! Either way, we can take constructive criticism!)

Okay… enough prelude…

Here’s Those 16 Tasty-Ass Memes We Were Just Talking About:

Absolutely awesome. Here’s to hoping that Friday comes sooner than later, and until then, we keep getting more piping hot memes like this! Thank you! Goodbye.