10 Facepalm Moments of Accidentally Sending Nudes to Family Members

10 Facepalm Moments of Accidentally Sending Nudes to Family Members
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The last thing we want to do is send risqué pictures to our family members or others in our contact list who shouldn't be seeing them. So, it is really important to double-check or perhaps triple-check before hitting send on that thirst trap you took in the shower or the one sexy shot you meant for only your partner's eyes.


Some people are however in a hurry to send nudes or sexually suggestive texts to their romantic partner and the message goes to the wrong person—or worse—a wrong group. Here are some facepalm moments shared on the Im_A_Freakin_Joke subreddit about times when that saucy message went to the wrong receiver and their senders were forced to do some damage control. As you read through these stories, get ready to handle some secondhand embarrassment.


1. Best Secret Keeper Ever


u/room_temp_butter wrote: "I meant to send it to someone on WhatsApp that I was dating at the time and didn’t realize I accidentally sent it to my brother, their names were next to each other in my chat list and I chose the wrong one. I frantically called my sister-in-law and told her what happened and begged her to go into his phone and delete the message with the photo. This is before WhatsApp added the functionality to delete your own messages. She was so sweet and understanding and deleted the message. I was so embarrassed. To this day she has kept my secret, this happened five years ago."

2. She Meant It For Her Husband


u/bleeding_inkheart wrote: "For context, my mom had some life-threatening medical issues when I was a kid, so there were a few month-long periods where we rarely saw her. One night, I got a text from her that says, 'send me a pic of you... in bed.' I thought she wanted a picture of me and my dog snuggling, as he slept with me and was the cutest sleeper. I usually sent her one every few days, even when she was home. It also doubled as her way to make sure I was following my bedtime. I was taking the picture, and I get a follow-up 'ignore that' text. At the same time, my dad opens my door so hard that the hinges break. He says, 'You get a text from mama?' I say yeah, and he says, 'It wasn't meant for you.' And leaves. I felt weird about it for days, even though it was years before I figured it out."

3. Saved From Embarrassment By Mom's Ignorance


u/Twandle_D-Vorago wrote: "I happened to live across the street at the time and a dirty message meant for my now wife was sent to my mother! Luckily for me my mom is notorious for ignoring her phone so I sprinted across the street and said 'Hey where is your phone' she told me it was on her desk so I calmly walked over unlocked it and deleted the message. In response to the look of confusion, I told her 'deleted a message that was meant for now wife...' And left it at that."

4. Be Careful Before The Victory Romp


u/ayepeyday wrote: "One time my dad accidentally texted me 'a**l sex if the Patriots win' and I still don’t believe I have recovered."

5. Still Better Than Sending An Actual Nude

u/teethalarm wrote: "I didn't accidentally send a nude, but my phone did auto-upload ALL my pictures when I connected it to my mom's computer. I'm no longer allowed to connect hardware to my mom's computer."


6. Traumatized By Sister's Risky Shots

u/PushingPepperoni wrote: "I gave my sister my old iPhone (I’m 25, she’s 22). She didn’t realize that her photos were uploading to my cloud and when I went to send a photo to a coworker, at work mind you, I see her pasty a**. I immediately text her and was like STOP TAKING PHOTOS. She called me and asked if I was okay and I told her what was happening. She responded with 'My a** look good though,' and I died laughing. Love my sis, but Christ."


7.  Thankfully It Wasn't Discussed In Every Family Gathering

u/TheSaltyMelon wrote: "I didn’t send a nude. I was in the shower, about age 15, and I heard the phone ring. My best friend had a habit of calling while I was showering. So, I bolted out naked as the day I was born to grab the phone before she hung up. I didn’t realize pretty much my entire dad’s side of the family was visiting my terminally ill mother. They saw it all. My aunt jokingly said, 'Well, dang, I didn’t know there was gonna be a show.' And someone said, 'we were just joking when we said you’d grow up to be a stripper.' I had to do a walk of shame back to the bathroom as well. It was laughed off and it hasn’t been brought up since."

8. Hopefully There Was No Lump

u/3milyBlazze wrote: "Sent a pic of my boobs to my mom. Managed to convince her I was trying to take a pic of what I thought was a lump but ended up dropping my phone and sending it while fumbling. Which has happened before. But then she made me show her where I thought the lump was so that was very awkward."

9. Message Deleting Mission Was Successful

u/BleekerTheBard wrote: "I once sent a pic to a [girlfriend] in college when we were home for break, only I searched her contact by last name and accidentally sent it to her mom! Thankfully it was late and she was able to sneak into her parents’ room and delete it before they saw."

10. Better Clear Your Room Before Taking A Dirty Picture

u/wildchildlo wrote: "My ex accidentally sent his mom a d**k pic instead of me when we were on the phone. Her reply was 'no one wants to see that nasty little thing.'"

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 10 times people accidentally sent nudes to family members