10 Weird Experiences That Only Pizza Delivery Drivers Can have

10 Weird Experiences That Only Pizza Delivery Drivers Can have

It's not always like in the 'movies,' if you know what I mean.

Pizza delivery folks visit all sorts of people in a day's work and some of them can be really interesting or really weird. And here, we have some of the weirdest, funniest, and the creepiest experiences of pizza drivers that they shared:

1) jennej_dtsab wrote:


2) acid_bath_vampire said:

"Dude, I once delivered 12 pies to a church function around Christmas time, got there early, was really nice and courteous, and they hand me the check plus a $100 bill saying "and this is for you! Merry Christmas!" I was so hyped all the way back to the store. I get back, look at it again, and it's a fake bill with "have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?" printed on the back. That's right, no tip, and they gave me a fucking leaflet instead. Churches and hospitals are the cheapest bastards on the planet."

3) bootifulrissa says:


4) felixjawsome wrote:

"I delivered a pizza to a young lady with the craziest teeth I had ever seen and she really wanted me to kiss her. She wasn't unattractive, but the teeth were out of control...and it was not like a meth/drug thing and was in a rather upscale complex.
It felt like a prank, but it also felt very weird and real. I'll never know."

5) TheOffendingHonda said:


6) cuddlyidio shared:

"People Don't Have Money For A Tip. But they open their door to me and a cloud of weed smoke comes billowing out. Thanks Bro."

7) By AmberDiFranco


8) ManWithBacon said:

"We had to put this lady off our delivery list because I had to make 2 trips back to her house over a spinich salad. Her reasoning being the Spinich wasn't grown in the store and she demanded a refund, and my manager refusing the refund led to her shorted me in cash. Wasn't my favorite day on the job."

9) Thehealeroftri said


10) crispiestboa said:

"So this lady decided to get 40$+ order and give me a crumbled up 1$ bill and so I dropped it right there after she closed the door and this bitch opened the door right after like she was literally waiting for me to do it. She later called store complaining like be glad you didnt have to spend another precious dollar bill"

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