15 Men Who Walked Out on First Dates Share Their “I’m Out of Here” Moment

15 Men Who Walked Out on First Dates Share Their “I’m Out of Here” Moment
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A date with the wrong person could be a great setback to ever consider jumping into the dating world again. We have all experienced those unexpected dates with random men and women of varying interests which made us reconsider our dating game. Well, honestly it’s the tale of every other person who has had a terrible day as they called it quits the moment they meet their dates. Tales of women sharing their dating woes have been the talk of the town for quite a while, here are fifteen men who have their equal share of “I’m out of here” moments on this anonymous Reddit thread. 

Close-up of a male holding a smart phone, and browsing a dating application - Representative Image Source: Getty Images | Stock
Close-up of a male holding a smart phone, and browsing a dating application - Representative Image Source: Getty Images | Stock


1. The Wallet Hogger 

She said she was into pool, so we went to a bar to play a couple of games. It was a bar she was a regular at, and at one point about 4 of her friends showed up. The girl I was there with asked if I wanted another beer while they all went to the bar. After they got a round of drinks and shots, the bartender waved me over and asked if I wanted them all on my tab, apparently, she’d said I was cool with it. I just laughed and shook my head, he said “if you dip right now I’ll handle it, bro”. Never even turned around to look at her, got some wings on the way home, and had a great night. u/Uncle_Sams_nephew

2. Cheating on their partner 

Her boyfriend's buddy saw us and confronted her about it. It was a huge shock because we'd been talking for a few weeks and I thought we were really hitting it off. I told the guy to tell his friend I was sorry and had no idea, got up, and left. u/Ronin1


3. To be or not to be?

When I was polite to the waitress and she screamed at me " Would you rather be on a date with her then!?" u/Illustrious-Grass-91

4. Only for free drinks 

She said that she was just there for free drinks...I'm not joking. She literally said that after 30 minutes or something. u/Longjumping_Sleep_12

5. Buried in the phone screens

When I was dating I had so many girls spend more time on their phones than talking to me I use to just start carrying cash to the date. If she spent more time on the phone than talking to me I just dropped some on the table and walked out. u/thingpaint

6. Condescending much 

Throughout the dinner date, she made fun of me and was condescending for having a job while she was an aspiring entrepreneur whose gonna build her own empire. u/lyrsa

7. Meet your daddy

When I went to pick her up she introduced me to her 3-year-old son as “dad”. u/pkgjss

8. Starved their pet for another

She told me she starved her pet hamster so she could get a dog when she was in high school because her parents wouldn’t let her have multiple pets and she laughed while telling me about it… u/DrunknHamster

9. One word at a time

She gave me enough one-word answers to bore me out of my mind. The date lasted 30 min and not a second longer. u/nuclearsalt

10. The "extra" 

The woman wanted everything custom-made at the restaurant…..everything on the side, “make sure it’s fresh” kinda thing, and was extremely snotty to the waiter….treating him as a lower-class citizen. I got up excused myself, caught the waiter canceling my order, slipped him a $20, and walked out. How a person behaves towards other people on a date is an indication of how they will treat you when they know you better. u/wollier12

11. Free dinner for mates

Met online, and we agreed to have our first date at a restaurant. We're 10 mins into the date and she tells me she wants me to pay for her food, and also two separate take-out orders for her two best friends back at home, because "tHaTs wHaT a rEaL mAn wOuLd dO". B****. I pretended like I was cool with it, said I was gonna get my card from my car and left her ass there. u/NotChoCheese92

12. Age is the bar

Caught her in a lie and found out she was in high school. Made her show me her id and it turns out she was 15 too. Drove her straight back to her house, dropped her off, and never saw her again. u/Slow_Cat6602

13. Littering like pro is a no

In college, I went on a date with a girl who rolled down her car window and threw an empty soda can out her window when she was done with it. It was a total turn-off. I told her to drop me off at the next stoplight and walked home. u/HerrowPries

14. Is that you?

She looked like a photoshop of her profile picture. u/anon

15. How much do ya earn, eh

Her first question was what is my salary? I knew she was one of those gold digger girls and I do not want an arranged marriage with her. u/manwithanopinion


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