16 Ridiculously Funny Questions That Stumped People Born After The Internet

16 Ridiculously Funny Questions That Stumped People Born After The Internet

Some of us have seen how it was before the internet and saw how crazy it got but some weren't born for it and they now have questions about how life was in the 'before times'.  

1. lemniscate823 wrote:
Before the time of cellphones, how do you meet/find your friend in a crowded mall without actively communicating in real-time?


2. User wrote: 
I can't understand one thing about the times before computers: how the hell did they edit movies?


3. faatbaby wrote:
I had a child a couple years ago ask me why do you say “hang up the phone”?
Felt old.


4. Tangtastictwosome wrote:
I have a friend at work. Her daughter is 4, nearly 5. My friend printed out a nice photo of a family member and passed it her daughter to take a look. Her daughter thought it was a tablet and couldn't understand why the picture wasn't moving.
That scared me a bit I must admit.


5. dudeARama2 wrote:
How did people discover new music? Did you like just hang out at record stores and hope you might stumble across something and if so without wikipedia how did you know about what it was all about? And what if you lived in the country and didn't have access to record stores? Did you basically just listen to radio ( but they just played the same limited playlist again and again ?) I mean like now, someone can just mention some band I have never heard of on like reddit and within 10 minutes I have listened to several of their songs and read a complete bio of the band..


6. Lefty_Epee wrote: 
If you were moving to a new area, how the hell did you find a house? These days you have to filter through so many crap places online to find something you even want to view, did you have to actually view all the crap places back then?
Also jobs. I get that done were in newspapers but what if you were in a high skill role and the only jobs were the other end of the country?


7. Lachimolala_yoonji wrote:
How the hell did you do school projects.


8. GaryBettmanSucks wrote:

It's funny watching back episodes of Seinfeld where so much chaos comes from "I can't get a hold of that person". My kid literally doesn't understand the humor because the answer for him is "just text them".


9. expired_apple_juice wrote:  
How you get educated on sex Ed. If it wasn’t a thing at your school


10. Coldbeckissy wrote:
Fucking FAX machines like why????


11. Penguino-30-10-18 wrote:
If you just randomly thought of something and you asked people and went to the library but the answer wasn't there, what did you even do? Like wouldn't you need some closure as to find out the answer or did u just have to suffer not knowing the answer?


12. undead-robot wrote:
What the fuck even is a pager
Edit: This shit is beyond me...


13. TWG26 wrote:
This is a very specific question, but how stressful was it to be a socially anxious person before the internet, and all the changes that entailed? For example, I often joke that being able to go into a McDonald’s and get food without talking to a single soul is one of the greatest inventions for convenience and luxury that I’ve personally experienced in my life. If you were socially anxious say back in the early 90s and were in high school, how the hell did you get on? How’d you get shit done?


14. CattStarr wrote:
How did you watch relentless anime porn?


15. waterdlyed wrote:
Was born in the late 90s so basically raised with the first inception of the internet. How people communicated. Phones? No computer, no Email. Letters? How do you remember when to talk?


16. ChangeMeee wrote:
How did y'all learn to adult? I literally have to look up things like "how to use a washing machine", or "what's an alternative for olive oil" every other day. How did you learn to do taxes or laundry?


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 16 People Born After The Internet Have Questions About 'The Before Times'