16 People Who Have Done Some Real Weird Stuff For Money

16 People Who Have Done Some Real Weird Stuff For Money

Falling To An All Time Low

Reddit is a strangely nice place where people open up and share bizarre stuff. Stories of people who did weird sh*t for money is one amongst them. Here are 16 people who saw no limit when it came to doing things to secure the ching-ching. 

1. JosephineRyan wrote: 
Hammered the gold off a dead guys teeth. Oh god, the smell. Never again.


2. chrisg3213 wrote: 
In ninth grade I put a used condom I found outside a sportscenter in my mouth for $100.


3. katieblue wrote: 
My sister once snuggled with a Japanese women while her husband took a photo in a hotel lobby. They gave her $10.


4.icannevertell wrote: 
A drunk guy paid one of my coworkers $10 to stick her tongue in my ear. She was nice enough to give me $5.


5. HTKSmite wrote:
An old boss of mine paid me $100 to pee on his feet once behind the restaurant I worked at. Easiest money ever.


6. isacool14 wrote: 
Drank a Coke with salt, pepper, and tater tots (I had to eat at least one tater tot). I got 5 bucks!


7. jaycent wrote: 
I was paid $5 to watch two girls one cup. I pretended to feel sick just so my friend would think it was worth the money.


8. LapinHero wrote: 
On a dare, I drank a mixture of sparkling water, jelly beans, cookies, ketchup, vinegar, wine, cider, beer, several unidentifiable kitchen substances and I'm pretty sure by the time I finished at least what of what I drank qualified as vomit.
The worst was the cookie pieces, floating on top, tickling my throat. It was like drinking Satan's frisky butthole.


9. threeballer wrote: 
I let my buddy take one shot from an airsoft gun from 20ft, at my balls



10. Wonnton75 wrote:  
I let a guy take some pictures of my feet at a hotel in Dallas. $50 is $50


11. KosherHam wrote: 
For $175 I dipped my naked sack into a disturbed mound of fire ants for 20 terrifying seconds.


12. GigEmAggies12 wrote:
When I was in sixth grade, some eighth graders came up to me and offered me $5 to snort crushed tic tacs. As I was snorting them, one of them got a teacher and told her I was doing drugs. I started crying and explained everything, and after the principal confirmed that they were just tic tacs, the eighth graders all got a week of detention. And I still got my $5.


13. banjoman53 wrote: 
Drank a cup full of tuna juice at the bottom of the tuna bucket at Jimmy Johns for 6 bucks. Not worth it.


14. lohrjs16 wrote: 
Not me personally but a buddy of mine paid his little brother $20 to poop in a ziploc bag and put it under their sisters pillow. best money he ever spent.


15. Dankem420 wrote: 
My mom once bet me 50$ that I wouldn't eat a giant earth worm I had dug up. Boy was she wrong.


16.Flatmate wrote: 
Used to work at a club as a freak show performer. Basically hammered nails up my nose and ate fire to freak drunk people out.
Strange but fun job. Paid well too.


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