16 Men Who Tried Proposing But Failed So Hard It's Embarrassing

16 Men Who Tried Proposing But Failed So Hard It's Embarrassing

(Throws ring at the girl) "You have been wifed"

Proposals can be nerve-wracking but some people were just doing it wrong altogether and expecting miracles to happen, here are 16 such proposal fails which are painfully hilarious. 

1.fifyi wrote: 
A drunk guy came up to me in a bar many years ago and said he wanted to marry me. I said, "No. you're drunk and I don't know you." He replied with a firm tone, "For you I give up the drink!" And her proceeded to pour his beer out...all over my shoes.


2. JaxSwagger15 wrote: 
Watched a dude interrupt a karaoke concert to pop the question. There was a back story that we all weren't privy to but long story short, she shouted "fuck you mother fucker" and left. Meanwhile, karaoke DJ was speechless and we all laughed as he sunk into a puddle of shame. Really wish I knew what happened but my heart cried for that poor ashamed, embarrassed man. Holy shit


3. leftofleftists wrote: 
Guy who proposed in a skating rink. The music stopped, he knelt down and proposed. She slapped him so hard he feel over sideways.


4. TemporaryPatch wrote: 
I was in Minnesota, at the HHH Metrodome watching a Twins game with my dad. In between innings, they put a big "Will You Marry Me?" sign on the huge electronic board, and cut to a guy getting down on one knee. Everyone is applauding,oohing, and aahing, then we all notice something. She is shaking her head no. This guy got shot down, and everyone in the stadium could see it. I really hope someone was able to make sure he got home all right, because I am pretty sure he didn't stay sober after that.


5. rosso_nero wrote: 
One of my best friends proposed to his girlfriend to make her stop crying during an argument. My words: "Dude, that's a one-time joker card." When he was back from their honeymoon, I asked him how life was now as a husband. Answer: "Same shit as before."


6.pokemongo wrote: 
I had a dude propose to a girl at the bowling alley I worked at. He made me bring the ring with the shitty bowling alley food they ordered. It was a crowded noisy awful night (cosmic bowling in our area was cool at the time.) When I brought the ring over he said "Oh, what is that? I didn't order that? Did you hun?" (mind you he was drunk so his words were all slurred) She didn't seem to want to be there from the beginning it was terrible. She just looked at the box and said "no."


7. ryougikaon wrote: 
I didn't witness it personally, but I know someone that was proposed to in a tree stand at the crack of dawn in the freezing cold while hunting and covered in camo and the smell of deer...scent/lure.


8. pbear737 wrote: 
My friend's parents had their first date at McDonald's. After not dating all that long, she got pregnant. He takes her back to McD's and says, "Will you McMarry me?" They are still married over 30 years later.


9. kimzamazing wrote: 
Didn't witness it but my dad proposed to my mom but tossing the ring at her and saying, "It's about time we got married." Then they went out for McDonalds (much to my mother's dismay.)


10. karygurl wrote: 
My own. He proposed in his underwear just after his father had royally pissed me the fuck off to the point that I had to excuse myself to go scream into a pillow.


11. Lionhearted09 wrote: 

At a restaurant, girl breaks up with guy. He was not happy. Tears were flying across the room from this guy and he nearly knocks over the table as he gets down on one knee and professes his undying love for this girl and in all seriousness asks if she will be his wife.
She was a very nice girl who talked him down and they calmly left together after a few minutes.


12. paranoyd_androyd wrote:  
Weird friend of mine decided to propose in an orange suit and have somebody videotape it. He did this because of a goofy promotion from a local company offering $1000 to whoever sent in a funny video of themselves wearing all orange. Needless to say the proposal was a huge flop and his girlfriend just ran away after hearing why he was doing it.


13. Thousands_of_Spiders wrote: 
Eating dinner at a cheap Italian fast food place (Fazoli's) and a guy dressed like a knight walks in. He was carrying a real sword on his hip. His girlfriend, dressed in typical clothing, was noticeably uncomfortable.
As soon as he walks in, he makes his announcement.
"HEY EVERYONE! We're getting married! I just asked this beautiful girl to marry me and she said yes!"
While they wait in line to order their reasonably priced pasta dishes, his friends begin to file in. They were all driving from the movie theater where they had just met to see their friend pop the question at the premier of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
She ate her food in silence while he and his friends recapped the movie loudly. She looked like she was going to cry.


14. Cat-Kat wrote: 
I work at a bar where we have karaoke once a week. At a slow night a young couple went up on the stage, but instead of singing, the guy very quietly said "will you marry him" and points to his friend. The girl said sure, and they walked back to their table.. They drank their beers and left not long after.


15. LadyMegbeth wrote:
A Facebook acquaintance of mine published the following in his status update: 'I'm proposing to my girlfriend in about 5 hours... Too busy to feel nervous, but wish me luck!' She commented 'EXCUSE ME' shortly after.


16. ohthephillieswon wrote:
this guy that goes to my gym brought his girlfriend that never usually comes and everything goes normal until his whips out a taco with a ring in it and she was not having it


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