20 Disastrous Products That Should Never Ever Exist

20 Disastrous Products That Should Never Ever Exist

They should not even be imagined!

The good folks at Worst.Buy (IG: @worst.buy) have a wicked sense of humor and some fantastic imagination. No wonder they came up with a whole range of products and wrote: "Stuff you shouldn't buy, even if you could..." The products presented by them are, of course, imaginary and absolute disasters!

1) Oh, yuck!




2) Satan's poo!




3) The horror!




4) Disgusting!




5) Teach them young!




6) This one makes sense though




7) Feel everything!




8) This one is going to be creepy AF!




9) Swerve around this product




10) Get it?




11) This may actually take off!




12) You can feel the Yuck!




13) The sarcasm is too real!




14) True!




15) Yay or nay?




16) Still in development




17) For some toilet reading




18) We all have a friend who will buy this




19) Ok, this one's just mean




20) Well, why the F not?



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