20 Times Brands Received Witty Backlashes from the Public | "Nobody Wants These Eraser-Looking Nuggets”

20 Times Brands Received Witty Backlashes from the Public | "Nobody Wants These Eraser-Looking Nuggets”
Cover Image Source: Twitter | BrandsOwned

Times have changed and the age of information and technology has shrunk the world into a size that fits our palms. The local brands that once filled the market are being replaced by established global brands. Social media is influencing opinions and contributing to this changed global market scenario. 


As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with marketing gimmicks, brand deals, exclusive sales and new products by these companies. Both local and esteemed brands fight tooth and nail to lure consumers. The early 2000s saw social media emerge as a vital contributor to communication. Companies around the world embraced social media as a tool of direct communication with their customers. From posting their highs and lows to sharing emotional stories, brands ensure their potential buyers stayed updated and hooked to them. However, today's consumers have become more aware and smart and it's not as easy to gain their trust and loyalty. They have learned to discern which brand is genuine and which is acting up. 


Brands show love, but there are countless times when the public refuses to love them back. Sometimes, social media interaction turns sour when the public confronts brands on their double standards. Twitter page, Brands Owned documents these hilarious and witty exchanges. Some are honest criticisms while others are cheap shots or innocent banter. So we have shortlisted 20 of the best ones for you. Scrolling through them, you might find some genuine issues being raised that you might relate to. 


1. Direct.




2. Hypocrisy?



3. Burn



4. Ouch!




5. LOL!




6. Protest



7. Answer, please




8. OMG! 



9. Controversial



10. Makes sense



11. Harsh



12. Anything to say?



13. Hahaha!



14. Hire an employee



15. Uh oh!



16. Bro got no chill



17. Catastrophe



18. Hahaha!



19. When?



20. LMAO! 


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 20 times brands got called out by the public