Here Are 25 Absurd Requests Customers Made to Service Employees

Here Are 25 Absurd Requests Customers Made to Service Employees
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If you work in a customer service position, you know that dealing with ignorance and idiocy is an unavoidable part of the job. There are always people in the general public who have unrealistic expectations, don't appear to be operating in reality, or don't want to bother figuring out basic things for themselves. While these exhausting experiences gradually turn into a part of the daily grind, it is unavoidable that you will have interactions with customers that'll leave your mind numb to stupidity. Many frustrated and taken-for-granted employees share their stories on social media, where any discomfort or horror they felt at the time can now be shared with others, many of whom understand. @WrittenByHanna asked people to share their most bizarre customer interactions, writing, "What's the most outlandish thing a customer has ever asked you?"




1. Artichoke dip



2. Eggs are dairy free


3. "Clean it up your self"



4. Reserve the poo


5. How many pretzels



6. 'Least curly' fries


7. "How much is the $5 footlong?"



8. Acted weird too


9. Movie theatre lobby = popcorn smell



10. Corn dogs without hotdogs



11. Prophecy bearer 


12. "Is butter a carb?"


13. Tea latte and expresso latte


14. One diet water with no ranch, please


15. "Jonkingly" we hope


16. How "rude"


17. Mold or rind


18. Do we sell books in the book store?


19. A cheater on the go, please


20. Return after five years


21. There is no "back"


22. Can we bag them up?


23. "Can I use it?"


24. No direction for this plane


25. Brain fart


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 25 Absurd requests customers have made