25 Epic Tweets by Celebs That Revealed Too Much About Themselves | “Do Ants Poop?”

25 Epic Tweets by Celebs That Revealed Too Much About Themselves | “Do Ants Poop?”
Cover Image Source: Twitter | (L) @JamesBlunt | (R) @colesprouse

A great sense of humor makes life easier but sometimes the same trait can land you in embarrassing situations, especially if you are flexing your jokester self on the internet. Our goof-ups might go unnoticed but things can quickly go downhill for celebrities if they unwittingly make a lame joke or reveal too much. We have rounded up a bunch of ridiculous tweets by celebrities that got immortalized on Twitter and will forever make us cringe. The celebs are either roasting themselves in these tweets or getting roasted by their family and most of them are asking questions and making revelations no one asked for. For instance, we did not have to know that Kris Jenner "sharted" herself on a plane but we somehow do, thanks to her tweet. So, scroll through and have a good laugh.


1. What was so life-changing about it though?



2. Where is the humor in it?


3. Was it a typing mistake?



4. Maybe people at NASA are just chilling


5. Greatest discovery made since gravity



6. We can't stop thinking about it either



7. Rich people love bargaining too


8. He needs more recognition



9. Seth Rogen's second-hand embarrassment is real


10. Cher found the fountain of youth



11. We all love clocks, right?



12. Ryan Reynolds encountering airplane toilets


13. Frankie Muniz got a reality check


14. Her advice at the beginning of the pandemic


15. Does James Blunt have fans anymore?


16. Nobody needed to know that


17. She looks like Blake Lively's long-lost twin


18. Rapper's poop emergency story


19. He was definitely stoned


20. Cole Sprouse's confusion with thimbles


21. Such a bold move


22. Modern-day home alone


23. Such an important question


24. Good question


25. Post Malone trying to be quirky with faulty grammar too


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 25 awkward and embarrassing tweets by celebrities