These 25 Bizarre Cats Found in Surreal Places Are Stealing Our Hearts

These 25 Bizarre Cats Found in Surreal Places Are Stealing Our Hearts
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @surreal.cats

We find cats furry and funny. Cats can be found in places that are not their territory but any weird place they put their paw on becomes their territory. We probably even have to pay them some rent in the form of tons of attention. They are famous for falling asleep in the unlikeliest places like cardboard boxes, bookshelves, open drawers, on doors and giving us mini heart attacks when they go missing for hours. Per a Sleep Foundation article, "More than half of cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day and nearly 40% of cats sleep more than 18 hours per day." Instagram account @surreal.cats has managed to capture cats while they claim their thrones and here are 25 of them that were found to be surreal in places they don't belong. 


1. "I love a good fruit platter"



2. "Nice 'n dry"


3. "What hath sprouted from mine head"



4. "Big stompa"


5. Pondering the orb



6. "Art these days is so realistic…"


7. Oh they do belong there



8. Call him sir...Sir Real


9. Got a little spiritual there



10. "On a first date… kinda nervous"


11. "Despite all my rage, I am still just a little guy in a bucket"



12. Are they supposed to become torch lights?


13. Wrong igloo


14. Wrong food 


15. "This is literally a Renaissance painting"


16. Love this chomp-puter


17. Puss in boots?


18. Purrmanent identity 


19. Sounds purrfect to me 


20. Mix of love...and cat hair


21. Beauty in the eyes of the beholder 


22. I see you...I wish I didn't


23. A nice coaster 


24. Just a sip


25. "Peeping Tom(cat)"


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 25 cats surreally found in weird places