25 Times People Cooked Up Ultimate Disasters in the Kitchen

25 Times People Cooked Up Ultimate Disasters in the Kitchen
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @cookingforbae

Some people love cooking and are particularly skilled at it. They often surprise their significant others with lavish meals and delicious brunches created with the right ingredients and a lot of affection. But there is another group of people who want to cook something tasty for their loved ones but sadly, they lack talent, knowledge or both. Their attempts at co oking result in disasters inside the kitchen. We have stumbled upon the right page which curates the perfectly imperfect dishes cooked by people that are probably as unappetizing as they look (or more). Let us serve you delicious meals from the Instagram page of @cookingforbae which might not appeal to your taste buds but will surely make you laugh. From straining pasta by dumping it into the sink with unseasoned chicken to curious--looking seafood pizza, these terrible cooking attempts were so hilarious that they deserve to be chuckled at.


1. That is straight-up disgusting



2. Who wants some soggy tortillas with pasta?


3. Illegal amount of cheese and grease



4. Vegan diet pizza be like:


5. Diarrhea-inducing food right here



6. Who even came up with this recipe?



7. A cat pooped on the tacos perhaps


8. You can't just grill everything



9. Is that supposed to be steak?


10. How long did they keep this in the freezer?



11. You might have to go to the ER after eating this



12. Too much experiment spoils the food


13. Breakfast for champions


14. This pizza is a freak


15. Avocado in Mac and Cheese looks inedible 


16. It was supposed to be a chicken jerky


17. This is how high-end restaurants serve their overpriced food


18. Boring boiled chicken with paprika on top


19. You can probably smell the picture


20. That looks like cat litter


21. Those crabs might want to go back to the ocean


22. Exactly how broke is this person is


23. Needs some seasoning


24. When you run out of pizza toppings


25. Turkey got cooked for a bit too long


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 25 cooking disasters that are ridiculously unappetizing