25 Jaw-Droppingly Creative Ways Students Cheated During the Tests That Blew Their Teachers' Minds

25 Jaw-Droppingly Creative Ways Students Cheated During the Tests That Blew Their Teachers' Minds
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We all have seen students resorting to unfair means to pass a test. Some students even have the whole thing planned out in advance so creatively and accurately that they don't get caught. It sure takes guts. A curious Reddit user u/german900 asked, "Teachers of Reddit, what is the smartest/most creative way of cheating that you've seen?" People responded by sharing the most out-of-the-box ways of cheating they have witnessed which must have shocked the teachers. Here are a few of them (don't get any ideas). 


1.  Morse code

"I was supervising a final chemistry exam along with another coworker. Not 15 minutes in, a hand slams down on a desk and I turn around expecting the worst only to see my coworker angrily shouting at a pair of really frightened 10th graders whose desk he smashed. Amidst the shouting I caught the words, 'Morse code.' The guy proceeded to take them to the office. I called a hallway supervisor to take over and ran after the group.
Apparently, the kids were silently tapping the answers amongst themselves in Morse code. Not even with their fingernails, just their fingertips. I never heard a thing, my coworker happened to catch “B” in Morse code or something. I honestly thought he finally went crazy solely because of his appearance. Picture Robin Williams in Jumanji going 'WHAT YEAR IS IT.' I’m 100% sure that if this coworker weren’t in the room, they’d have gotten away with it for sure." -u/itellteacherstories

2. Teamwork

"I remember in middle school we would rely on the one kid who actually studied. Most of the quizzes our teachers gave were multiple choice so if the answer was A, the kid would cough, if the answer was B, he would sniffle, if the answer was C, he would sigh and if the answer was D, he would stretch in his seat. Everyone in my science class was eventually that kid. Every time there was a quiz, a different person in the class would study." -u/Pkambhama

3. Watch it!

"One of my old teachers told us a story about a student who had rigged up a tiny scroll of paper in a wristwatch with notes written on it. He turned the scroll by winding the watch.
He ended up getting caught because he was winding his watch so damn much during the exam but the teacher loved the creativity." -u/vancouver-duder

4. Impressive.

"There was a class that allowed you to bring one sheet of handwritten notes to exams. I knew a guy that created a font of his own handwriting and used to print the entire study guide onto a piece of notebook paper, front and back. He even set the font color to pencil grey and managed to get the margins and spacing exactly right to look like it'd been handwritten." -u/gmacWV

5. Your favorite band

"Stretch a rubber band around a text book, write whatever you want on it, then when you take it off the textbook, it'll just look like scribble until you stretch it to see what’s written. Spanish conjugations drove me to do some incredibly unethical things."-u/MayUseTheF*ckWord

6. White lies

"I was grading a written assignment that had a 1000 word count minimum and one particular paper just felt really short to me despite Word telling me it was roughly 1100 words long. On a hunch I hit CTRL-A and sure enough after the paper concluded there was a lot of white nonsense text on a white background." -u/Chaps_and_salsa

7. Answer with ink 

"College physics. Girl with a really intricate tattoo on her leg wrote formulas in between the tattoo lines. Even looking closely you couldn't tell unless you knew what you were looking for. You could tell it was test day because she wore shorts." -u/ScarthMoonblane

8. M&Ms!

"My teacher shared with us a story about how since she allowed eating during her tests. One person pulled out a giant bag of M&Ms and ate a specific color corresponding to A/B/C/D. It was a two student duo and they only got caught when another student ratted them out." -u/babydragon0

9. Such focus

"I passed a pop quiz in high school by looking across the room and focusing on the top of the smart girl's pencil and trying to decipher if she wrote A, B, C or D after the teacher asked each question. It actually turned out more successful than I thought it would." -u/clitclamchowder

10. Translating 

"Not sure if this would work anymore but if I had a paper to write on a book I didn't read, I would find a well-written paper online. Then translate the entire thing from English to German, German to French, French to Spanish, then Spanish back to English. Pull the original paper and the new one up side by side and clean up the grammar on the new paper and you've got the same concept but written just different enough to not be plagiarism. Worked like a charm." -u/Throwmylifeaway000

11. Get your vitamins

"I was a TA for anatomy and physiology. The professor would ask for me to sit in on finals to prevent cheating. One kid came in with a vitamin water. No worries. Half way through the test, the professor noticed they kept turning the bottle and squinting. This goes on for another twenty minutes. Professor goes up. Grabs the vitamin water bottle and rips off the label. It had a crib sheet written on the back. The students had gone to the effort to make a fake vitamin water bottle label and write notes in the back. The professor was impressed by the creativity and decided to give the student a 0 and not report them to the academic committee." -u/Macabalony

12. Grey matters

"A classmate was printing the answers on his paper in a veeeerry pale grey so that it can barely be seen. Still got caught because the teacher noticed him reading an empty sheet." -u/Lars_Ebk

13. TI84=TI89

"In a lot of my college courses, I wasn't allowed to use anything higher than a TI84. So I took the guts of my TI89 and swapped it into my TI84. Never got caught."-u/NakedEngineer

14. Magic pen 

"When I was in high school, I bought a pen where each time you clicked, the message inside would change. I took it apart and was able to tape paper over the tube and fit things that I would need to help me on some quizzes and tests." -u/-eDgAR-

15. Music to your ears

"Used a text file on one of the original iPods. Teacher was fine with 'listening to music' during tests. Made my life so much easier lol." -u/Badgerpackbrew·

16. Calculated risks

"Writing down math formulas and putting them in the instructions insert of the calculator. More recently, kids will put the answers on their smart watches. It's to the point where I make all students removes their watches and place them on the classroom counter before the test starts." -Reddit 

17. Cheater teacher

"So, as a teacher the smartest way I 'cheat' is by giving the kids a notecard and telling them they can put whatever cheat sheet stuff on there they want. It tricks them into actually studying for their math tests." -u/Piano_Fingerbanger

18. Pray together and cheat together?

"When my dad was in high school, he used to write out the answers on a piece of paper and tape them to the ceiling. Before the test, he and his friends would pretend to pray by looking up and putting their hands together. Would also tape the answers next to the pencil sharpener. Teacher never caught on and thought it was heartwarming how my dad and his friends would pray together before a test." -Reddit 

19. Cheater slayer

"A classmate broke the screen and keyboard of his calculator and hid his cellphone in it so it couldn't be seen from the teacher's position. The teacher approached him from behind and caught him tho." -u/torbotoj_

20. Uniform with formulas

"As a student, we used to wear uniforms and leather shoes. As mine's a beater pair, i usually write on them with black ink pens. And when tests came, I angle it just enough to be seen by sunlight. Also, the edges of our uniform(button down shirts) are filled with formulas." -u/silentfartist

21. Musically done

"Music students using music sheets as answers sheet for/from other student. Notes equals the same as the answer for Scranton tests" -u/yoyoyoyooy

22. Not a jolly rancher!

"Not a teacher but one of my friends in high school wrote all the physics equations we needed to know in really tiny font on jolly rancher wrappers." -u/1Cinnamonster

23. Destroy the evidence

"Not a teacher, but I used to lightly write the answers on a desk before the test with pencil. If someone calls you out on it before the test, then you claim that you using the write the material down method of studying and didn't notice that it was marking the desk. After using the necessary material you just rubbed the pencil marks off of the desk, thus destroying the evidence." -u/ImadeAnAkount4This

24. Love that book!

"During an AP US History test in high school, we had a question asking about the author of a book. Kid raises his hand and says, 'Mrs. ______ I read this weekend and I really liked it!' The teacher, obviously forgetting that she had put this question on the test, replies with 'Oh! By ? I love that book!' The whole class bursts out laughing but no one says anything because she had just given us the answer to the test question lol." -u/alygator327

25. Teacher was also a student once

"In elementary/middle school we had to write a paragraph each week featuring all the vocabulary words included in that unit. One clever kid wrote something along these lines:
One day [kid’s name] had to write a paragraph for English class. He sat down, picked up a pen and used these words in it: proceeds to list out all the words.
The teacher only let it go once because she never saw that happen until then."-u/lukeydukey

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