25 Devilishly Funny Comics for the Dark Humor Lovers That Scream Plot Twist

25 Devilishly Funny Comics for the Dark Humor Lovers That Scream Plot Twist
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @mikeorganisciak

Comic books were a big thing back in the day. Are you feeling old yet? Well, don't, because it is now the era of webcomics. And the good news is we can indulge in them all over again. If you are part of a select group of people who love dark humor, you are in luck.



Mike Organisciak, a webcomic designer, began drawing comics without any prior experience continuously for 100 days. We got lucky as he shared them online for us to enjoy as well. His comics are exclusively for people with a dark sense of humor. These comics are short, crisp, spontaneous and oh-so-brutal. Reading them is fun but you have to switch on your evil mode to enjoy them best. We have documented 20 comics from Mike's collection to fulfill your desire for devilishly funny content. They scream brutal humor and gruesome plot twists. Indulge and enjoy!



1. Mistaken, hahaha



2. LOL




3. Evolution



4. "Kick me"




5. Batman for a day




6. Musical spider



7. Delusional




8. Brutal



9. World hunger




10. Teletubbies



11. OOPS!



12. What a loser.



13. Darker than the dark night



14. Organic celery flavor



15. Stranded with the wrong person



16. The kid is surely going to make more money



17. Groceries on demand



18. Plot Twist



19. What for?



20. Clap. Clap.



21. Crazy



22. Burn.



23. Poor thing



24. Take that.



25. Robber in disguise


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