These 25 Humorous Memes Shed a New Light on Nature | “Honeybees Let Out a ‘Whoop’ When They Bump Into Each Other”

These 25 Humorous Memes Shed a New Light on Nature | “Honeybees Let Out a ‘Whoop’ When They Bump Into Each Other”
Cover Image Source: Facebook | @Give A Shift About Nature

Are you fed up with whatever is happening to this planet? Well, there's no planet B so we have to make peace with what we have on this planet. We love nature's touch, and we rejuvenate ourselves by connecting to it, and these days we are turning towards nature for our daily dose of humor. Some things from nature inspire us to make memes out of them and see them for what they truly are. This Facebook page, Give A Shift About Nature makes us laugh and admire the unique and beautiful little things in nature through its environment-friendly memes. It's almost as if nature is mocking us for having a better sense of humor than we do. So, here are the 25 best nature-inspired memes that sum up our life. 


1. Pollen butt 



2. Stupid daily walk 


3. Parrot profanities 



4. Never personally got attacked by wolves before 


5. Spiritless spirit animal 



6. Where is the lie?


7. Hawthorne effect who?



8. Fashion Week edition 


9. Let's watch him watch the cat watch the deer watch the dog 



10. Such heroes 



11. There's intense competition out there 


12. How does one un-know something?



13. Leave us alone 


14. Makes sense now 


15. Taking eggs to another planet 


16. She has that "ooh it's cold" look.


17. Criminal tendencies?


18. A big one? Or probably just a horsefly?


19. It sure does 


20. Such a squirrel 


21. Otter space 


22. A little shout out 


23. Whoop whoop 


24. Where's Max Flaunder? 


25. Not so happy 


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 25 environment-friendly nature memes