25 Memes From a Forgotten Era of the Internet That Just Got Funnier With Time

25 Memes From a Forgotten Era of the Internet That Just Got Funnier With Time
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It's always nice—although sometimes embarrassing—to walk down memory lane. Looking at an old piece of clothing at the back of your wardrobe, stumbling across that old screenshot from two years ago, your dog showing up with a ball it found under the sofa after five years, or getting a whiff of that familiar smell of a burnt turkey instantly take us back in time.


Something else that triggers notable memories are memes that are classic, ancient, and never fail to make us chuckle. They are from a forgotten era of the internet before TikTok took over our lives, Pedro Pascal became "internet daddy," and Elon Musk bought Twitter to live stream fart noises at 2 in the morning.


Since we're feeling pretty nostalgic today, here is an archive of 25 ancient memes that remind you to not just feel old and wise but will also make you giggle and smile at the memory of the good old days:

1. Baby Whale



2. Have you seen this cat?


3. LOL



4. Free pie


5. You win gray!



6. Oh c'mon, Mario!


7. Emoji who?



8. #throwback


9. Welcome To Facebook



10. Float away



11. World cup



12. Wake upppp!


13. Make a wish


14. Of course


15. Strongest ever


16. Still relatable


17. Golden moment


18. New year. Old me.


19. Masterpiece meme


20. Emo-ment


21. JB mah man!


22. Little did I know I'd need therapy


23. Important red dot 


24. Still no clue


25. Still makes me cry 


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 25 forgotten memes that have gotten funnier