25 Meowtastic Names Cat Parents Gave Their Little Furballs That Never Fail to Amuse Vets

25 Meowtastic Names Cat Parents Gave Their Little Furballs That Never Fail to Amuse Vets
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Giving your loved ones hilariously cute pet names is your absolute birthright and this is often demonstrated when we name our pets. 

But sometimes pets can have names that raise eyebrows—if not their own, then their veterinarians'. Twitter users cracked up over some particularly creative and hilarious names cat parents have given their little furballs after author Brittany Means shared how her feline's name always sparks joy when introducing her to new people.


A lot of people with animal companions related to Means' anecdote and used the thread to share similar tidbits about their cats' names. Especially when it's time to go to the vet.


Here are 25 times the vets were left amused by the names of cats. Introducing you to:

1. Mister Daisy


2. Baby Jeff



3. Lord Tubbington


4. Oreo Speedwagon



5. Montresor and spaghetti


6. Mrs. Thoman Houdini Pickles



7. Mr. White Chocolate Mousse Mouse Mocha Munchkin Moon 


8. Elvis Presley a.k.a The King



9. Aye Aye! Captain puff puff


10. Darth Revan, "our little Sith Lord"



11. Miss Lucille Beansprout


12. Lady David



13. Her Royal Highness


14. Sir Barnabus B Boopington Grubb III,  Esq.


15. Chicken. 


16. The Terrorist


17. Outlaw Josey Wales


18. Comrade (Chonky) Bumblebee


19. Azrael Simmons


20. Miss Liza Minelli and Miss Judy Garland


21. The Goblin of the Bibimbap Deville


22. Tequilla Owens and Cosmopolitan Denis


23. King Paul Falafel 


24. One Eyeda the One Eyed Wonder Cat Rodriguez


25. Frank Sinatra


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 25 funny cat names that amuse the vet