25 Most Lip-Smackingly Hilarious Food Tweets for the Quintessential Foodie

25 Most Lip-Smackingly Hilarious Food Tweets for the Quintessential Foodie
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It's important to have a healthy relationship with food because it nourishes our body and our mind. Drowning our woes in a tub of ice cream after a breakup, letting that burger sit beside us while we are too busy binge-watching Bridgerton, coming back to a bowl of spaghetti after a long day, or deciding to celebrate a win with that pile of pastriesβ€”food has seen us through the highs and lows of life.


Here are some of the most fatuously lip-smacking food tweets compiled for you to hog on with your dinner tonight. Let's keep aside food for thought for some other time and give some thought to food. (Reminder: Don't laugh too hard that you choke on your food. Chew properly and enjoy.) 


1. Just eat, don't declare


2. Obviously



3. I like to plan ahead for important things


4. Pixie cheese



5. Why would you?


6. Movies accompany popcorn



7. Superpowers


8. Every thing is fair in love and war




9. Immediately... seasoned with fries



10. Will killer


11. Simple solutions



12. Always room for dessert


13. Pretty smart


14. The best door to open


15. Wonder what the word is


16. Legitimate reasons


17. Cancel the friend


18. Awesome 9 year old


19. Yup! Hate it


20. A good start



21. Strengths = weaknesses


22. Better be sorry!


23. Don't be rude


24. It's true though


25. Snacks are important


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 25 funny food tweets to consume with dinner