25 Times Men Were Utterly Confused by Stuff Women Say and Do | “Would You Still Love Me if I Was an Earthworm?”

25 Times Men Were Utterly Confused by Stuff Women Say and Do | “Would You Still Love Me if I Was an Earthworm?”
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Men believe that women are complicated beings. Females have certain habits and practices which never fail to puzzle men who observe them. Some men can't figure out why women need hundreds of products to clean themselves in the bathroom, whereas others are scratching their heads to understand how women don't go bald even after shedding an absurd amount of hair on a daily basis. Well, the now-deleted account of u/Careful_Ride3205 popped a question to men on Reddit which read: "Men of Reddit, what is something us women do that baffles you?" Here is a hilarious string of answers collected from the Reddit thread where men pointed out aspects of women's behavior that confuse the hell out of them. Some of these confessions might seem commonplace and even silly or absurd but they will surely serve you some hearty laughs.


1. The pain of dealing with pimples

"Your obsessions with popping pimples." -u/gg_laverde

2. Just pretend to understand for maintaining peace

"When I don't understand something my wife says and I ask her to elaborate, she keeps repeating the same sentence over and over expecting me to understand it rather than explaining it."-u/Afy47

3. Following beauty trends perhaps

"Shave your eyebrows off just to pencil them back in." -u/SkynetGaz

4. There is strength in numbers

"Going to the restroom in packs." -u/69trkr77

5. Emotional complications are inevitable

"Asking us to own up emotionally and lean on them when we need it only to crumble totally when they are actually needed emotionally." -u/Rough-Trade2382

6. Self-care is pretty important

"What are all the bottles of stuff in the bathroom and all around the shower? Why do you need 300 different potions to clean yourself?" -u/Mr_Mojo_Risin_83

7. Keeping their enemies closer

"Acting like you're best friends with someone you hate. It doesn't baffle me (I understand the importance of saving face and keeping people on side) but I do find it quite disingenuous and contemptible." -u/SilasMarner77

8. Temperature of the water depends on their mood

"Shower with water that's either boiling or freezing. No in-between." -u/saggywit

9. It's not always about you

"Just because I’m mad about something doesn’t mean I’m mad at you." -u/Hern_Berferd

10. Shopping takes time when you have too many options

"You're willing to spend an eternity in a shop you like and complain at me when I say I ready to go."-u/kbyyru

11. Oversharing is a common habit

"Why do y’all share intimate details about our sex life to your friends? It’s strange to us because contrary to what happens in high school movies, guys don’t talk about private bedroom stuff to our buddies. That’s private." -u/mlg2433

12. Gaslighting is an easy sport for them perhaps

"You're allowed to be mad about something without us being mad about it but when we get mad about something you feel the need to also get mad but then direct it towards us." -u/GeoVeritas

13. Always confused about what to eat

"When they ask you what we should eat. We name 5 things and they say I’m not in the mood for that. Then why did you ask me in the first place." -u/Bigsplash1

14. They think men are mind readers

"When a woman says she was into me a while back but is not anymore because I didn't make a move when she was communicating her interest through extremely subtle and undetectable signals. I can't read your mind. If you're interested, just tell me." -u/Nihlus-N7

15. Being pointlessly lazy at times

"Walk right past the thermostat and then sit down and tell me to go turn up the heat." -u/yakfsh1

16. You never know why they are mad

"Being mad at me for something 'I' did in your dreams." -u/2HGjudge

17. That's not a valid approach

"Think that  'fight for me' is a valid approach."-u/Hayabusa71

18. Women send mixed signals at times

"The signs, it’s hard to know whether someone is hitting on you." -u/Abstract_ExE

19. Men won't understand the hair fall struggles of women

"How many hair strands they lose per day. It's a lot." -u/SuvenPan

20. Women are always in an odd rush

"Take whatever time you need to get ready whether it be 30 minutes or 3 hours, then rush us when we're about to leave to put our shoes on." -u/ohyeahimoverhereyeah

21. Getting mad at small things is common

"Talk like we’re sitting in a library and then get mad when I couldn’t hear what you said." -u/theliljwcptdeux

22. They just love pillows

"Pillows. Bed for two people needs eight pillows. Wtf? Why? Couch seats four. Twelve pillows. Guests come over. Move the pillows. Cleaning? Move the pillows. Straighten pillows. Fluff pillows. Complain pillows aren’t correct shade. Buy new pillows. Keep old pillows." -u/Pong1975

23. Beauty is painful

"How they don’t dress for the occasion. They dress for the arrival. And then after 5 minutes, they aren’t comfortable." -u/GreyThief

24. Would you love a worm as a girlfriend?

"Would you still love me if I was an earthworm. Why. Just why." -u/ButCanUDoDis_no

25. A question that has no answers

"How you all manage to sit with a phone in your back pocket?" - u/Linhothy 

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