25 Times Influencers Went Crazy Trying to Get The 'Perfect' Shot | “What in the Chicken Dance Is Happening Here?”

25 Times Influencers Went Crazy Trying to Get The 'Perfect' Shot | “What in the Chicken Dance Is Happening Here?”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | Influencers in the Wild

Let's face it. Not all influencers are good influences. We might not even take them seriously and scroll through Instagram, double tapping their 'aesthetic' shots. Have you ever thought about the trouble they take to capture those shots? Have you ever thought about what these influencers seem like behind the camera in the wild? Elaborate haul or unboxing videos or day-in-the-life vlogs are now a passé and more and more people are trying unconventional and even daring tricks to woo audiences. Maybe what we see on screen is not merely as close to the ridiculous reality. The Instagram page Influencers in the Wild is here to open our eyes. Here are 25 instances that prove not all self-appointed influencers are a good influence, especially when caught in the wild. 


1. Need a vlog of that jail or sacrifice 


2. Got priorities right 



3. Who is being influenced here?


4. "How was the vacation? It was great, we went to the beach, Kailee got like 35 pictures of her butt, we went to dinner, OH WE WENT JETSKIING"



5. "Do we really need to say, 'Don't hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?'"


6. "There's stupid. And then there's STUPID"



7. "Just another Tuesday in Australia"



8. "TikTok user filmed a video at the grocery store trying to buy a stranger's groceries. No one accepted her offer"


9. "How do you say 'No' in Italian?"



10. "Cold plunge time"


11. How stupid would you like to be?



12. "Ma'am this is a Wendy's"


13. "Self-discovery is so important"



14. "Okay this is actually very impressive"


15. "Put her in the penalty box"



16. "Just bird watching"


17. "The wind was very strong (but it was not that strong)"


18. "A lot of you guys have been asking for book recommendations"


19. "You can have another baby. You might not get another opportunity for a picture like this"


20. "It's called (f)ART. Look it up"


21. "What in the chicken dance is happening here"


22. "Yeahhhhh this is my stop"




23. "These boys are going through it right now"


24. "Find you someone who treats you the way this girl is treating this rock"


25. "Table for one. Forever."


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