25 Times Intelligent People Acted Stupid and Embarrassed Themselves Thoroughly

25 Times Intelligent People Acted Stupid and Embarrassed Themselves Thoroughly
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There's a famous quote that intelligence is knowing that a tomato is a fruit but being smart is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. Even the brightest of people can come up with a truly boneheaded statement from time to time. Yes, if you thought intelligence and idiocy were exclusive then think again! Sia once said in her song, 'To be human, is to love'. I say, to be human is to be idiot at times! Redditor u/SgtSkillcraft sparked a discussion on Reddit where someone with a Ph.D. acted like a total idiot. Scroll down to see some of these brainy bloopers that will make you feel a tad bit better next time you accidentally embarrass yourself.


1. Burn...

"I worked with a girl that graduated from Brown...she would never shut up about it. always Brown this and Brown that. I went to a state school and it was apparent that she looked down on anyone that didn't attend an Ivy League school, so one day she was doing that and I couldn't stop myself, I said something like 'Oh, you went to Brown? and yet, here we are, together in the same place, doing the same job.'" -u/Ontopourmama


2. Aww cute!

"My wife has two Masters and a PhD, is internationally recognized in her field, and is an absent minded doofus. My role in her life is to ensure that her car works, that she takes her meds, and that she eats things other than yogurt and eggs. She can be brilliant one minute, then walk into the side of a moving bus the next.

I love her dearly but she's a numpty." -u/Lost_One_1963


3. Handing out degrees like Halloween candies huh?

"My ex-boyfriends mother was a linguistics professor and knew over 10 languages. She was also one of the dumbest people I've ever met. Some examples: she believed that in case of emergency stewardesses catapult out of the plane; she was also convinced donating blood causes some blood disease and you can die because of it. But my favourite one was when she said her son's orthopaedic problems are not a result of a serious injury he had. His knee hurts because he eats too much ketchup." -u/ImnotUK


4. Are you out of your mind sir?

"Peter Duesberg. Molecular biologist who works as a researcher at UC Berkeley and has an otherwise stellar career and well-known for his work. Became an AIDS denialist, claiming there's no link between HIV and AIDS. Led countless people down the rabbit hole, including many who were HIV positive. These individuals ended up infecting others and refusing antiretroviral therapies. This included an AIDS denialist activist named Christine Maggiore who infected her infant through breastfeeding thinking "Hey it's not a big deal it's just HIV it doesn't cause AIDS." -u/mrcatboy


5. Sir was so genius he skipped kindergarten

I worked in IT for a hospital. I was speaking to a doctor who forgot his password. While he was spelling his name phonetically over the phone, he said, "Z as in Xylophone." Needless to say, my eyebrows raised. - u/dacekrandac


6. Life skills have nothing to do with intelligence

My college roommate, smartest person I've ever met, spent nearly an hour trying to shove a desk back into the corner of our room at an angle. She wouldn't listen to me because in her words she "got this."

After she finally gave up, I walked over. Pulled the desk out completely and straightened it with the wall, and pushed it back in. One movement, no struggle.


Many a time we had where I'd realize she might be the smart one but I've got more common sense. - u/Hulkemo

7. Holy moly woman!

My ex-wife with a Ph.D. in neuroscience drove my car around with the handbrake on calling me to ask about the noise and smell.- u/eccentricbananaman


8. Bless him

I had a professor for higher mathematics who had real difficulties figuring out how to extract a cup of coffee from the vending machine. Bless him. - u/onesmilematters

9. Reflecting on self

I have a PhD and I am an idiot in most respects.

All it takes to get a Ph.D. is to be really good at or persistent in doing research in one narrow area of study.

Edit: So several commenters pointed out that I simplified things too much. A Ph.D. also requires hard work, luck, and some basic competence in a topic. But that doesn't preclude one from being completely clueless in other aspects of life. - u/wolfdisguisedashuman

10.  Brain malfunctions

I once spilled some food on the floor as I was plating it up. So I very carefully used a paper towel to wipe up that droplet of sauce... then yeeted my entire dinner and plate into the bin. I spent a good five seconds staring at the paper in my hand wondering how I was going to eat it, at which point husbando appeared and said: You have a PhD... - u/AtomDoctor

11. Some facts

Getting a Ph.D. is knowing more and more about less and less until you know absolutely everything about nothing. - u/dragon34

12. Should just stay at home next time I get sick?

As someone who works security in a hospital I can say a good 90% of the doctors there are smart but lack any type of common sense and sometimes I wonder how they function on a day to day basis

EDIT: I also forgot to mention I'm almost 2 years in a relationship with a pediatric cardiologist and it's as shocking at home as it is with the ones I work with lmao but I can't say it's boring - u/Ray_Ray_86

13.  Math is something else

Me. Masters in cybersecurity and can't help my 5th grader with his math homework. - u/Up-down-side2side

14. History was never his cup of tea

Dr. Ben Carson, one of the most skilled neurosurgeons alive, thinking that the Egyptian pyramids were used to store grain. - u/AdmiralAkbar1

15. Memory is poor doesn't mean I am not smart!

My uncle is smart as fuck. Multiple masters degrees in education and science, constantly wins awards for his teaching and high averages from his students.

Tell me why this idiot needed me to remind him how to make ramen several times over? - u/Anonbsnono

16.  If you're homeless, just buy a house

Not a PhD but I know someone who has a masters in finance and thinks everyone should just own a house, I was like how are they gonna pay for it? He was like they should work hard. I couldn't stop laughing - u/secondhand_bra

17. Okay genius!

Mother in law has a PhD in some thing related to botany. She thought India was a continental island like Australia. To this day I still have no idea how that happened when this came up she was in her mid 60's. - u/SavingsCheck7978

18. Expected everyone to follow my orders

Sis in law with a PHD, she wondered, "I closed the doors, how are the ants getting inside the house?" - u/MonkOnCrack

19. Why are they running the country?

Look at nearly every US politician who has graduated from Ivy League schools who believe some incredibly stupid things - u/ssjx7squall

20. Is this still a thing?

I know a geologist who's a flat earther. A God damn geologist of all people. Also, anti-vax healthcare workers. WTF. - huntingwhale

21. High on crack

And high IQ doesn't mean someone is smart – I know 150 IQ people who believe the election was stolen and covid vaccines are more harmful than a covid infection. - u/AstridOnReddit

22. Not again!

The doctor who said vaccines cause autism lost his medical license. - u/judd1127

23. What?

I've worked with some super smart people, with multiple Ph.Ds and professorships and doing world leading research.

One always wore velcro trainers because he couldn't tie laces. Another would regularly walk into doorframes. - u/anomalous_cowherd

24.  That's a thing?

I have a PhD, and I work with a bunch of PhDs. Basically, a lot of them think that because they succeeded in one area, they are an expert in every other area of life. And they always have strong opinions about everything. I think it's also called a PhD syndrome. - u/krukson

25. Do you smell that?

My professor, a brilliant neurosurgeon, once decided to directly smell a bottle of ammonia. He then told me "don't smell that". I did not plan to! - u/Redqueenhypo

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 25 instances when intelligent people acted stupid and embarrassed themselves