25 Memes About Job Search and the Nightmare That Often Follows

25 Memes About Job Search and the Nightmare That Often Follows
Cover Image Source: Getty Images/Steve Peixotto Photography (representative), Instagram/Overheardrecruiting

Going to a job interview is usually a nerve-wracking experience. Sitting there, being assessed and questioned. Sounds like a recipe for questioning your entire existence. Questions like "What are your major weaknesses?" "How do you deal with pressure?" "Where do you see yourself in five years?" sound less curious and more interrogative. At the end of this soul-searching that interviews make you do, whether you got the job or not, you'll definitely have anticipatory anxiety as your best friend. Some of these situations were gathered by the Instagram page Overheard Recruiting, revealing all the sitcom-worthy workplace struggles.


Perhaps these will make you feel a little better about your work experiences. Here are some relatable overheard conversations and candid thoughts about jobs and the job-search process.




1. Name the price


2. That's right



3. Much longer than the lifespan


4. Duration matters





6. No complaining



7. Liar liar job on fire


8. An exclusive subscription



9. Raise it... or don't!


10. Brain shortage



11. Can someone explain the gap in my teeth? 


12. 5:01 it is



13. More like Hardly any Resources


14. E. Coli


15. Wise advice


16. Bulletproof glass


17. How thankful


18. Tears in your eyes. Tears in your pockets. 


19. Uncalculated calculus


20. Potatoes are versatile. You're a crocodile. 


21. Frozen powers


22. Rescinding offer fee


23. No longer interested


24. 17 interviews for my 17 personalities


25. A little too rough


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