25 Memes for Those Whose First Language Is Fluent Sarcasm | “Some of Ya’lls Birth Stone Is Crystal Meth and It Shows”

25 Memes for Those Whose First Language Is Fluent Sarcasm | “Some of Ya’lls  Birth Stone Is Crystal Meth and It Shows”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @sarcasm_only

Are you having a rough day at work? Or maybe you are lying on your couch, bored out of your mind, thinking about the universe. Is your day crappy enough to make your guardian angel question your life decisions? Perhaps you are one of those individuals who struggle to hold back sarcastic remarks on the struggles of everyday life or you may have someone in your vicinity who drops hilariously sarcastic remarks every now and then. People who are fluent in sarcasm are both feared and adored for their biting wit (depending on the situation). If you are not fortunate enough to have a sarcastic friend by your side, you can skim through these highly-relatable memes we have scooped up from the Instagram page of @sarcasm_only. We can assure you, they will make your messy day a tad better.


1. Degrees are useless in this economy



2. Only valid solution to boyfriend problems


3. Being unsupervised is dangerous



4. Introverts finding their comfort person basically


5. Brains betraying us all the time



6. Must finish the entire series in one night



7. Survival without iced coffee is impossible


8. Greatest scam ever 



9. It's better to have dogs as friends over humans


10. Even Jesus won't come to your rescue



11. Pets don't bother as much as children do



12. We can predict people's birthstones easily


13. The worrying never stops


14. Guardian angels had enough of our crappy decisions


15. Remember the good old damaged photographs?


16. Nothing is better than food and some good movie


17. Where do they even get this enthusiasm from?


18. Better alternative to jogging


19. Let the world burn


20. Then we forget our reason for being dramatic


21. Our love affairs with our beds


22. What do they even want?


23. When you are both painfully single


24. Trash detectors are always working right


25. Adulting is tough


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 25 memes for those whose first language is sarcasm