25 Moments That Made Parents Think They Are Raising Their Kids to Be Hilariously Stupid

25 Moments That Made Parents Think They Are Raising Their Kids to Be Hilariously Stupid
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Raising little humans or children is not easy and it's natural for these children to explore and sometimes act...as if they weren't raised right. They can do things that make them seem stupid or for lack of a better term ...an idiot. Being stupid and making mistakes is part of growing up that everyone goes through. After all, we were kids once, too. The difference now is that parents have a way of sharing these silly moments with the world and thankfully our parents didn't have that option. One Reddit user u/burn_furries asked "Parents on Reddit, what was your 'I raised an idiot' moment?" Here are 25 of those moments which made kids seem like an idiot. 



1. I know that I don't know 

"When my son was 11 years old, he confidently informed me he was pretty sure he knew everything there was to know, because he tried to think of something that he didn't know, and couldn't think of anything." -u/misfitdevil99

2. Ultimate insult 

"When one of my daughters tries to insult the other by telling her how ugly she is. They're identical twins." -u/AsBigAsAlone

3. Carrot flashlight 

"Told my kid that carrots help you see in the dark, he then went into the basement with a carrot and started waving it around like a flashlight." -u/retardedsquirrl

4. Smell it up 

"My 13 year old son was sniffing really hard and moving his head all around the area he was standing in. Slightly concerned he had lost his mind, I asked him what he was doing. He told me, 'I farted. I'm trying to smell it all up, so you dont have to smell it.' He's a thoughtful idiot." -u/rjonesjcm33

5. Foreign object 

"When my youngest son, who was 10 at the time, was getting his ears checked at the pediatrician and they found a 'foreign object' in his left ear. Said object was a dead housefly. Because he thought sticking a fly in his ear would give him flying powers. He had caught it and shoved it in there alive about a week prior." -u/Padfoottheguardcat

6. Well forgotten 

"When I asked my 14yo if she could please bring me a piece of cake, she cut it, forgot why, then ate it." -u/TiredWhovian

7. Not so Brazilian 

"My son spent 18 months of his teenage years telling people he was born in Brazil. He was born in Bristol" -u/anon

8. Thunk noise 

"My dad's moment was when I made him drive around with me because my car had been making a 'thunk' noise every time I made a turn. After 15 minutes he announced it was the baseball bat in my trunk rolling around." -u/Tanaisy

9. Not talk on the phone?

"Daughter calls me 'there is a cop behind me with his lights on. What should I do?'" -u/whatreasondoineed

10. Many underwear 

"3 year old is preparing for his bath. His underwear looks strange but I'm distracted his brother. Kid takes off one pair of underwear, then a 2nd pair, then a 3rd. I ask why he is wearing 3 pairs of underwear. Kid looks at me like I'm an idiot, 'Mom told me to put on a clean pair every day.'" -u/anon

11. Dirt candy 

"My friend told my 10-year old that the dirt on the car tasted like candy, so he licked it. He tried to get his 6-year-old brother to do it but even he wasn't falling for it. " -u/Hunterchick212

12. Just one shoe 

"My son yelled at me from outside to come get his toy from the grass (he was standing in the driveway). When I asked why he couldn't get it himself he explained he was only wearing one shoe. When I asked why he was only wearing one shoe he replied that he could only find one sock." -u/southernfriedfossils

13. It's hot!

"I don't think he's an idiot but I think he lacks common sense because he'll take a bite of food, it will be scalding hot. He'll cry and act like he's dying, but won't spit it out. He'll say 'Mommy it's hot!!' And I'll say 'Well I told you to wait for it to cool down,' or 'Then blow on it' or something to that effect. He will say no, and then continue taking scalding hot bites and crying that it's too hot" -u/anon

14. Frozen pizza not in the freezer

"He knew there was a frozen pizza in the garage but couldn't find it. Didn't even think to check the freezer." -u/axnu

15. Jacket for legs 

"'I need, like, a jacket for my legs.' - said by my 13 year old who does know what pants are." -u/WasabiChickpea

16. Foot houses 

"My brother couldn't remember the proper name for shoes so he called them 'foot houses'. Mum confirmed that day that at least one of her teenage children was a bit doughy up top." -u/horsesarse17

17. Ninja skills 

"My nine year old son just tried to cut his breakfast sausage mid-air." -u/brrrgitte

18. Brah-tood

"My mother called me in tears from laughing and told me that my sister (5 years younger than me, probably 16 at this time) had just asked her, "I know this might be a silly question, but what's 'brah-tood'?" My mom is like ??? My sister thought that the "brought to you by..." message when watching tv was "brah-tood", one word, and she had wondered about it for her whole life pretty much." -u/piximelon

19. Didn't fit, threw it

"One day we went to the store and my daughter was missing her shoe. It was nowhere to be found. 'Daddy, I didn't want you to be mad that my shoe was off so I threw it out the window.' Made sense to a 5-year old I guess." -u/Qlinkenstein

20. Marker for the book 

"When he was in 9th grade, reading A Tale of Two Cities, he complained to me that he was having a problem with the book because whenever he would pick his book up to continue reading it, he had to figure out where he left off last time. I was like, 'If only we had the technology - a way to mark the last place we read in a book - it would be so much easier!' Then I found an index card for him to use as a bookmark." -u/sirdigbykittencaesar

21. Got HIV...test

"My 18 year old son was told to get an HIV test in college for extra credit and later came home and told me he got HIV... I was confused, he didnt say he was tested, he said...Mom I got HIV today. He was serious and I thought he was joking or something, I was confused, until his twin sister said...No stupid, we got an HIV test. I really didnt know what to think." -u/anon

22. Take notes 

"I was in the shower yesterday when my phone rang. I asked my 13yo to answer it. He says 'um...she's in the shower.' Then silence. I asked him to take a message and he responds 'how do i do that?' I had to explain how to write i note on a piece of paper..." -u/purplerose504

23. Forgotten socks 

"We need to leave; sent him to put on socks...
Waited more than enough, go find him
He's in his room, wearing only underwear, playing with legos
He can't remember what I sent him after" -u/5up3rj

24. Too smart for the world 

"When they mistook a leaky radiator hose for smoke. No problem it kind of looks the same. They continued to drive the car home thinking it was on fire then... pulled it into the garage that is attached to the house!" -u/Dugillion

25. Button up the nose

"I stuck a red button up my nose and puked it out. I was five." -u/julesschofielderson

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 25 moments that make kids look hilariously stupid