These 25 Kooky and Hilarious Wi-Fi Names Will Make Your Day | “Martin Router King”

These 25 Kooky and Hilarious Wi-Fi Names Will Make Your Day | “Martin Router King”
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In the sea of internet content, one can find humor in the most unexpected places. Wi-Fi names have become the famous black space for expressing creativity. From clever puns to silly wordplay, there's no one umbrella for the names to be put under. On Reddit, we found a thread where people were prompted to share the most hilarious Wi-Fi names they have stumbled upon in their lives. We went through the thread and handpicked some of the best ones for you to chuckle at. If you are looking to rename your Wi-Fi connection, here's a pool of ideas for you.


1. One of many clever wordplays 

My buddy had one where you asked for the password and they’d say “It’s on the fridge.” Of course, we’d all go check and find nothing there. Guess what the password was.- Future_World_Ruler

2. Smart Mama


When I was younger, my mom set the WiFi to "peppers" (our cat's name). Later on, she changed it and we kept asking what it was (getting frustrated) and it took us way too long to catch on that the new password was "notpeppers." I still remember that shit-eating grin. Thanks, Mom. So this is where I get my sense of humor. GrandmaSlappy

3. Kind or mean?

The gym I go to has the password set to "use your data" which is also great to watch newbies grasp.- thegreenfaeries

4. Upfront!

"$3.99 per minute" - that's my personal hotspot name always.- dos_one

5. Singles or Signals?

My younger brother set his mobile hotspot to "Hot Singles in Your Area" and I'm never gonna get over it- FBI_Official_Acct

6. Smart move

We're not allowed to have our routers on campus so I named mine AT&T Mobile Hotspot- Bootstrings

7. Oh no!

Was at a church and some neighbor had “Jesus has left the building”- coolguymac

8. Game of the best Wi-Fi passwords

House LANister- KTHRASHER1

9. Keep them coming


When my brother was in the Air Force reserve, I went to his house one day and found his WiFi name was “LAN of the free”- Richerlie

10. Get the name right, bro!

IsThisTheKrustyKrab. The password was "nothisispatrick"- DMoney159

11. Heartfelt

Tell My WiFi Love Her- Hershie23

12. Never gets old

Benjamin FrankLAN and Vladimir Routin- mcbruno712

13. Poor mum!

I set my house network as "McDonald's Free WiFi". My mother thought I legitimately got a WiFi plan from McDonald's. There is no McDonald's nearby.- PornAccount1738

14. Tricked Ya!


I caused a small family panic when I named it "disconnected"- smaksandewand

15. Endless Wait

I named mine “searching.” It was super effective-[deleted]

16. B99 Fans, Where are you?

NotaDoctor.99- SalesAutopsy

17. The LAN jokes are endless...

“Silence of the LAN” is a top contender for me-colincsa

18. Search Elsewhere


Not The WiFi You're Looking For- TheTruthOrNot

19. Shady...

“Knock 5 Times for head, Apt 507” - KiloTheKing

20. Ayo!

Martin router king- au212

21. Oh shit!

Mine is toilet cam 2. I live in a big apartment complex, I really hope it has caused some sleepless nights.- PM_PICS_OF_ME_NAKED

22. Classic

Wifi has no name- freelanceredditor

23. Barter

There's one in my neighborhood called something like "airdrop nudes for the internet"- vaildin

24. Explicit


icanhearumasterbating- Usual_Sign

25. Oh okay!

Girls gone wireless- MambaOut420


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 25 of the kookiest Wi-Fi names ever seen