25 Hilariously Agonizing Workplace Memes You Can Laugh at While Being Overworked

25 Hilariously Agonizing Workplace Memes You Can Laugh at While Being Overworked
Cover Image Source: Instagram | iamemployedaf

We all get stuck in this loop. We wake up tired, take a swig of cheap coffee, go to work, work half-heartedly on things that don't make the world a better place, whine about our workload at the watercooler, get home after navigating terrible traffic and then eat out on the couch with cheap food and some Netflix. However, many of the issues that employees face today, from burnout to unreasonable layoff to 20 out of the 24 hours being work hours are unfortunately fairly common. They are so popular that they have become memes. The Instagram page Employed AF contains some of the most relatable work memes ever. Here are 25 hilariously agonizing work memes you can only admire for being superbly relatable. 


1. Won a duel 



2. Let us be 


3. Goal: Finish work and go to sleep



4. Perfect.


5. Excuse me? You overestimate me.



6. Someone's sour 




7. Proper investigation 


8. How dare they? 



9. 'Cause we got no money or time 



10. He's right 



11. Please give me more money. Don't find excuses. 


12. Fair enough 


13. They should


14. Precious words of warning 



15. Take notes...part 1


16. No offense but all of it 


17. Shut your face 


18. A very important meeting ...Take notes part 2


19. Same storm...different boats 


20. Two modes 


21. Bad management 



22. No, thank you 


23. Complaint box 


24. Now the e-mail is yours 


25. Problem it is 


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 25 relatable workplace memes to find solace in