25 Relatable Sarcastic Memes to Laugh at and Cry Over | “Listening to a Love Song and No One Comes Into Your Mind”

25 Relatable Sarcastic Memes to Laugh at and Cry Over | “Listening to a Love Song and No One Comes Into Your Mind”
Cover Image Source: Instagram | sarcasm.og

How do you bounce back when life knocks you down? Talking with a shrink, calling up a friend, eating tubs of ice cream, going on a vacation—we all have our unique ways of coping. We can also look at the lighter side of challenges and heartbreaks and resort to sarcasm and humor.


Oscar Wilde said, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence." Science backs this claim as a 2015 study covered by Scientific American found that "sarcasm can actually increase creativity flow." "You have to be pretty crafty and clever to whip up a sarcastic comment on the spot. In some ways, sarcasm is creativity. It might even spark creativity in other ways, too, per Parade. Sarcasm coupled with a meme is a lethal combination as memes are an integral part of modern communication. 


According to one study of a database of telephone conversations, "23 percent of the time that the phrase 'yeah, right' was used, it was uttered sarcastically." Entire phrases have almost lost their literal meanings because they are so frequently said with a sneer. John Haiman, a linguist at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and the author of Talk is Cheap: Sarcasm, Alienation and the Evolution of Language said, "It's practically the primary language in modern society," per Smithsonian Magazine.


No wonder this dedicated Instagram page, @sarcasm.og is hugely popular. It has 1.2 million followers and over 10,000 posts most of which go viral. We have curated 25 sarcastic memes from this page which has something for everyone.


1. Always



2. Just adulting




3. Perfectly on track




4. Sigh!



5. Savage




6. Wait, what?



7. Welcome to the 21st century



8. Plotting revenge



 9. Beds are love



10. LOL



11. Just cat things



12. Hahaha



13. Epiphany



14. Epic



15. Well



16. Le Me.



17. I quit



18. And repeat



19. Iconic



20. Close



21. Hmm



22. Might postpone



23. Damn



24. OUCH!



25. And the boss is a college dropout


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 25 sarcastic memes to laugh at and cry over