25 Rough Times People Accidentally Sent a Text to the Wrong Person | “Thank You for the Naked Goodies”

25 Rough Times People Accidentally Sent a Text to the Wrong Person | “Thank You for the Naked Goodies”
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We've all been guilty of accidentally sending the wrong text to the wrong person at some point. The text's receiver might have forgiven our mistake but we might have a hard time getting over the embarrassment. This Reddit thread might ease your pains if the memory of these goof-ups continues to torment you. People have shared their hilariously haunting texting experiences to u/sirmattimous question: "What is the worst thing you’ve texted the wrong person?" We have collected the 25 most disastrous texting fails to make you feel better about yourself. So be prepared to be shocked even as you laugh hard at these fails. 


1. Weed man felt loved 

"Wrote a lovely message about how much I love my wife and how much I miss her (she was on a work trip), how much she meant in my life and how I couldn't wait to see her.
And then sent that shit to my weed man." -u/itllgetworse

2. Mistakes don't shut up 

"I typed 'You are right, Kate doesn't shut up' into the group chat rather than the guy I mean to send it to." -u/MrFartyBottom

3. Huehuehue to you too 

"'HUEHEUAHUEHHUEHUAHEUHSUEHUAHUE' - to the domino’s driver who delivered our pizza an hour prior." -u/gyokuro8882

4. Recovering from regret 

"I texted my boss 'do you want to come over?' after a night out. Her name was close to the person I was trying to actually hit up — that was mortifying to wake up and realize." -u/2SadAllTheTime

5. Ironic much 

"I was flying to NYC to visit family and had about a thousand dollars on me in cash. I texted my daughter, as a joke, 'I'm going through airport security with that cash and I hope they don't think I'm a money mule.' I accidentally sent it to the landlord where our business is located. A largely cash business." -u/FranceBrun

6. Skim the texts too 

"I accidently texted my Director of Marketing instead of my husband and asked him to please check the roast in the crock pot and skim the nasty goo from the top of the water. He replied that he would be happy to if he knew where I lived." -u/MaggieMews

7. Let's leave 

"Sent the screenshot of their chat to them by mistake...just wanted to leave the galaxy at that point"- u/nailsncoffins

8. Same names 

"My boss, husband and father all have the same name. I have to be very careful who I’m texting. That being said, I once texted my boss to start me a bath." -u/Mahimah

9. Junky text 

"Once, I accidentally sent a picture of my junk to my mother-in-law instead of my wife."- u/CpuJunky

10. Just a spoiler alert 

"Accidentally texted my soon to be ex-wife my plans for our temp divorce agreement and basically told her everything I was going to bring to my lawyer. Meant to send it all to my mom. I felt so dumb." -u/allyourarrows

11. Goodies 

"Right person, but I hit the wrong letter while typing. I sent this to one of our local Church ladies after receiving a gift from her.
'Thank you for the naked goodies :)
Tell your husband he is very lucky to be this spoilt every week!
Not sharing them with anyone! haha'" -u/KnifeFightAcademy

12. Evidently a cat person 

"'Send me puppy pictures' autocorrected to 'send me p**sy pictures.'" -u/AliJoof

13. You should take some so you forget this 

"I shared a meme of Snoop Dogg saying  'If weed causes memory loss. Then what does weed do?' To my boss 'Russ' who shares the same name as my brother. It worked out ok in the end."- u/Mourning-Poo

14. Haircut does the job 

"A guy I was seeing and no longer wanted to be seeing got an AWFUL hair style. Like…horrific. I text my best friend that this was the last straw, and just generally talked a LOT of shit about his look with this hair. Yup. Sent it to him." -u/words-i-say

15. Oopsies!

"Not me, but my mum. I requested a copy of Erin Pizzey’s 'Sl*t's cook book' for my birthday I think (don't ask lol). My mum sent a text saying 'Your sl*t book is here.' Except she didn't text me - she texted her boss who she’d only just started working for a couple of weeks before." -u/cheeryconflict

16. I don't want to be 'here' 

"Once in high school I was staying late for some event and got a text saying something along the lines of 'I'm here.' Thinking it was a friend and excited at the prospect of hanging out I replied 'No shit! Get the f**k over here!' It was my mom." -u/one_sleepy_guy

17. The afternoon sh*t

"Not me but my friend. When we were younger (maybe 13) she had a habit of sometimes texting me when she was taking a shit. Just a text saying 'I'm taking my afternoon shit right now.' Well, one time she ended up sending that text to our soccer coach, who was a guy in his late 40's. His response to her text was a 'Well that's nice (friends name), are you still coming to soccer practice later?'" -u/RaptureHarvest

18. Oopsies again 

"A female co-worker said she was going to find me a girlfriend. I sent her a text saying anyone she would propose would have to like sex because... well, I like sex. Okay, came the reply. I'll try to keep that in mind." The reply came from my doctor's nurse. The two of them were side-by-side on my contacts list." -u/Boomer6313

19. Rough 12 hours

"I had to go to work early one morning and my girlfriend at the time had stayed over the night before. I left at like 4:30 and she was still asleep. Started work at 5 and wanted her to wake up to a nice message. Sent a very passionate text about how I wish I was waking up next to her etc etc… to my partner at work. Sitting next to him for the next 12 hours in the ambulance was ROUGH." -u/sam_neil

20. Third person

"Was fighting with a friend and ranting to my other friend about it via text. Accidentally sent it to the first friend. He replied with 'why are you texting me in the third person'" -u/gensxgi

21. No gift this year

"I once sent a gif of mametchi (the tamagotchi) crying when my aunt said she was coming over. She did not come over and I didn't get my birthday gift." -u/Tamarchie

22. Only God can save you

"Once sent a whole text ranting about my mom to my mom." -u/tigerrawr24

23. Group text went wrong

"My dad sent me a picture of my uncle posing with a Trump cutout. I responded super quick off the cuff with a meme calling him gay. I then see that's it's a group chat with the whole family. Like 10 people. My aunt was super upset sounding." -u/commiPANDA

24. Not going too well 

I once meant to text my girlfriend 'hey boo how's it going? I'm just getting started on homework ' and accidentally texted this guy from a dojo I took karate lessons with. The worst part is he replied, 'Oh not much' and tried to continue the conversation. I felt so awkward lmao." -u/starryknight11

25. Bad notice 

"The boss of a company I commissioned wrote to me instead of to his employee, telling me how he wanted to rip me off with the order and didn't even notice." -u/Astaldo27

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