25 Relatable ‘Fast and Furious’ Memes to Make Your Day More Thrilling | “It’s Never a Last Ride”

25 Relatable ‘Fast and Furious’ Memes to Make Your Day More Thrilling | “It’s Never a Last Ride”
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Fast & Furious is one of the longest-running film franchises in Hollywood which kickstarted in 2001 and is now about to deliver the tenth film in the series. What started as a film revolving around illegal street racing and heist has now become a larger-than-life universe with interconnected storylines. The central theme focuses on family bonds and friendship but more than the theme or the plot, fans are thrilled by the daredevil stunt work and explosions in the film series. From gravity-defying leaps to death-defying drops off the mountains and airplanes, this series has done it all. As fans gear up to watch the big-budget spectacle (the tenth film in the series) to be released on May 19, 2023, we can't help but look back at the finest memes spawned by the Fast & Furious franchise. 


1. T-Rex can't be stronger than family



2. If only Dom Toretto was there to save Asgard


3. See ya later, buddy



4. Don't copy the stunts kids!


5. When Diesel turns to Rock



6. Pretty interesting haircut



7. It was a sad experience though


8. It's not about cars anymore



9. The struggle is real


10. Ride or die



11. You either like it or hate it



12. That's a new information


13. Out-of-the-world action


14. It was obvious


15. Don't diss Fast and Furious


16. Now it makes sense


17. When Dom is off duty


18. Family always wins


19. Grim Reaper is so done with Dom memes


20. Mr. Bean is a worthy opponent


21. Where is the lie though


22. Will this franchise ever end?


23. They have custom-made highways


24. Strongest spell ever


25. The easiest way to bait Dom


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 25 thrilling 'Fast and Furious film franchise memes