25 Times Humans Did Stupid Things That Can’t Be Logically Explained

25 Times Humans Did Stupid Things That Can’t Be Logically Explained
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @NoContextHumans

Science says that we humans are the most intelligent creatures on this planet. Through centuries, our race has survived, learned, evolved and accomplished some fascinating things. We have sent our kind to the moon, into the depths of the ocean and even to the coldest and remotest points on Earth. But one look at some people and you'll start doubting whether we have been living in a parallel reality and mankind has been stupid all along. Perhaps all this proof of human intelligence is fake after all. Because how else do we explain the stupidity of the people in these pictures and videos? We have scoured the viral Twitter page of @NoContextHumans to bring you the stupidest and the funniest videos and pictures which prove that a part of our population might be intelligent but the rest of it is incredibly dim-witted.


1. That is not how you transport a sofa



2. Exactly how stupid is our race?


3. You can never know God's next plan



4. Fishes swimming upstream like:


5. He was in some kind of emergency perhaps



6. Be careful before copying TikTok trends



7. You can fast but the cameraman is faster


8. Interesting feud at the gas station



9. The last party trick of this dude's life


10. That is some big brain energy



11. The guy who pulled the chair is still oblivious


12. No love for the one littering the ocean


13. He is just absorbing knowledge


14. Humans find stupid ways to die


15. Karma is just a dog you disturbed


16. At least he got awarded for his efforts


17. When you can't handle the loss


18. His stunt was sabotaged by the cliff


19. This businessman knows how to take risks


20. The eternal cold war between mankind and math


21. Some people deserve to get their licenses revoked


22. There are people who are linguistically challenged


23. Trusting the GPS way too much


24. We find the hard ways to do things


25. This kid was planning it for a while


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 25 times Humans did completely stupid things