These 25 Ingenious New Names Given by Kids to Everyday Things Are a Blast | “3-YO Calls My Gray Hairs ‘Wizard Hair’”

These 25 Ingenious New Names Given by Kids to Everyday Things Are a Blast | “3-YO Calls My Gray Hairs ‘Wizard Hair’”
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Ah, kids! They are earth's boon and can crack up anyone and everyone. Their no-filter mouths can feel like a ticking time bomb. Their brains do not follow the narrow rules of speech and adults are often taken aback by their unique vocabulary which is half hysterical and half genius. They can say anything. It's up to you to have your guard up or not. They take no responsibility for their words and often rename things based on whatever their creative brain finds fit. Save yourself if you can.


The terms they use for some things sometimes make sense because of their fine observation and these made-up names are hilarious, accurate and far more descriptive than the original ones. Do you call them ice cubes? Nah, they are water bricks. Below we have collected even funnier terminologies feat kids that surely deserve a place in Oxford Dictionary. These 25 rib-tickling twists to original terms offer a new perspective that only a kid's pure and raw mind can think up. Hold your horses because these tweets will challenge your vocab. Our recommendation: take a pen and note down the words as they are outright genius. 



1. Makes sense as people are planted under the earth




2. Yes, let the girl be in charge


3. Sounds good, kid.




4. Genius right there




5. 'Finger Skaters'



6. Why didn't they name it chicken ladders?




7. That's one great compliment.



8. That's right.




9. Pure genius




10. Hahaha



11. LMAO



12. Either way son.



13. 'Please cars, LOL'



14. New business idea



15. Well done.



16. So cheesy



17. 'A slip' 



18. Cute as hell.



19. 'Explosion things'



20. Nothing wrong there



21. Adorable



22. Apparently, kids have different names for corn on the cob holders. After, 'corn chargers,' it is


23. Agreed



24. It is a pizza heater, not a microwave.



25. You are right, kid.


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 25 times kids renamed things geniusly