25 Times People Had Ludicrous Complaints Lodged Against Them Even Though They Were Not Guilty as Charged

25 Times People Had Ludicrous Complaints Lodged Against Them Even Though They Were Not Guilty as Charged

Some people love complaining about everything. These 25 complaints lodged by jealous, nosy and clueless coworkers and customers will surely baffle you.

Imagine this: you just woke up, took a sip of your morning coffee, and opened your mail to have the wind knocked out of you by a shocking letter summoning you to the court for some reason. But you have no idea what transpired or what are you getting sued for. Flabbergasted, you decide to check the whole letter only to discover that your next-door neighbor has pressed charges against you for some ridiculous reason.


You might face similar situations at the workplace too where you can get summoned by your boss who informs you that some client or customer has lodged an absurd complaint against you. Reddit user u/InfiniteCalendar1 decided to hear from people who've been on the receiving end of this foolishness by asking the r/AskReddit community this question: "What is the most ridiculous thing someone has filed a complaint against you or someone you know about?"


We have assembled some of the best responses from the subreddit which will make you thank your stars that you didn't have to face something of that magnitude. (Of course, you might have faced worse, we don't know.) Check them out here:

1. Failed to boost team morale

"I jokingly told co-workers I was feeling disgruntled that day. The administrative assistant (whose job I was actively training for) overheard me and reported me to the boss. I had to have a sit down meet with them both and got written up for not 'boosting team morale.' Another time the same AA went into the bathroom after me and noted that I did not refill the toilet paper while I was in there. Again, had to have a meeting over it. I was SO happy when she left."  - u/SugarHooves


2. Hugging is a crime now

"A coworker hugged me when I gave her a birthday present. Later I was pulled into my supervisor's office because someone reported us for  'inappropriate PDA.'" -u/TheChesterChesterton

3. Stole his what?

"I don't know if anything ever got filed, but when I worked at a divorce firm, I had a woman call because she wanted to press charges against her son's ex-girlfriend and her friends. I asked for more details (so I could tell her we didn't practice that area of law but she should call, say, a civil attorney or something).
She told me that this old girlfriend, she was messing around with her son's body and stole his sperm.
Me: What.
Her: She and her friends--I don't like these girls--they went to where my son's body was and they messed around with it and stole his sperm.
Me: Where his body was?
Her: Where his body was. In the cemetery. She's a thief.
Me: Uh, try a civil attorney, we can't help you." -u/annaflixion


4. Sometimes people need humbling

"I almost gotten written up at work because a local radio DJ came into the store and 'I treated them like all the other customers' as in I didn’t fall all over her 'celebrity.'" -u/Special-bird

5. Being nice is not allowed?

"I worked inside a coffee shop that was inside a grocery store during this time. Man walks in and I greet him and ask him what he’d like to order. He literally bolts and complains to the IT guy that I was too nice and too happy. He came in to inform me what had just happened and he wouldn’t stop laughing at me." - u/YellowSphinx


6. Problematic coworkers

"I once had a complaint filed against me for calling someone a slur in the elevator. My boss called me in, and we watched the camera footage from the elevator. Me and the other person were talking and having a good conversation and laughing with each other. My boss just said 'yeah I watched it earlier and I have no idea what they are talking about.' So someone tried to get me fired for no reason." - u/damnyoutuesday

7. Learn about your coffee first

"A woman ordered a cappuccino and got upset that the one I made her had foam. I explained to her what a cappuccino is, she got angry and said 'I know what a cappuccino is!' and lodged a complaint with my manager." -u/SquiddSyd


8. Karens at the store

"Working in retail I once said 'you guys have a great day' I was reported by an elderly women who objected to not being addressed as 'mam' she also objected to 'have a great day' because she had come into the aquarium store because her fish was dead and she was upset that someone would tell her to 'have a great day' when her fish had died." -u/vile_lullaby

9. Dirty teeth wanted

"My husband is a dentist. A new patient reported him to the board of dentistry for recommending that she get her teeth cleaned. I still laugh when I think about it." -u/QueenMargaery_


10. Being British gets you sued

"In a 4 person HR meeting (the other guy, our manager, HR and me) the other guy said I was always angry. The 3 of us looked at him. I asked 'why do you say that?'. And he said 'your face is always red and angry!' I'm British, I don't tan well." -u/jallison1234

11. Call the police

"Got a complaint filed against me by a customer for unnecessary rudeness because I turned down a guy's offer to take me out on a date. Dude was at least in his mid 40s and I was 16." -u/Bayonethics


12. Old lady misunderstood

"Old lady said I spray painted some garages near my house, I did in fact not, after a while security footage came out that showed her youngest spray painting the garage." -u/deleted

13. Being young means trouble

"Actual feedback I got from a customer: Was your request completed to your expectations? 10/10. Did you feel valued? 2/10 . Comment: This should have been handled by an older member of staff. Cost me a good chunk of my bonus." - u/PlaySomeKickPunch

14. Who even allowed him to sue?

"I got sued in small claims court by a mentally ill man who said I stole $1000 worth of roast beef and 2 sun tanning lights from him." -u/SteveMcQueef81


15. Can't BBQ besides racist neighbors

"My dad got the police/ firefighters called on him because our racist neighbour immediately assumed we were making a fire? In our backyard? Anyway we were having a BBQ." -u/Enaiii

16. Can't even laugh at jokes

"I got reported to HR because a coworker made a sexual joke to me and I laughed. She reported me and HR talked to me because she felt I laughed 'too enthusiastically.'" -u/KraziKarter


17. Smile more!

"When I was a teenager working at an ice cream store, a secret shopper wrote that I was 'friendly but did not smile.' This write up was posted on the bulletin board like it was a scarlet letter of shame and the manager talked to me about smiling more. 30 years later, I am still friendly but unsmiling." -u/Goldeverywhere

18. Double standards

"A woman threatened to have my dog euthanized after she came up behind me and my dog and grabbed his tail and he spun around and snapped at her. She had a muzzled aggressive dog with her as well yet she began yelling and cursing and demanding I provide documentation of his vaccines." -u/Fantastic_Pear_7509


19. New employee's misery

"I was training a new employee (I was early 20s, she was late 40s) and I told her that if we finished our work a few minutes before break, we could stand around as long as we were available to customer questions. She told on me and I got written up the next day. Now I only train exactly what we’re supposed to do." -u/weeabooty420

20. Stupid customers

"I work at Walmart. A customer complained that I was on my phone the whole time. If you work at Walmart or any retail place, then you know we have those stupid android handhelds. I use it to make sure grown adults aren’t stealing and to do age checks and stuff. My manger looked at the video and was like yeah. That’s not a phone it’s just something she needs to do her job. Customer just couldn’t comprehend that."-u/Mads21xx


21. Being polite is a crime too

"I was a recent new hire, and transferred between divisions. I responded to my new Managing Director with an affirmative 'Yes, Ma’am' when she gave me some new tasks during a meeting. She reported me to HR for sexual harassment and insubordination. I am from the Texas. This is how I was taught to show respect." -u/Ohmytripodtheory

22. Crazy ex and crazier complaints

"I’m a nurse and my husband’s crazy ex called my work with a litany of complaints against me. Things as small as 'she’s stealing the narcotics' to 'she tried to strangle my grandma.' She was desperate to get me fired so I couldn’t afford to live with my then-boyfriend. My manager called me into her office and said, 'What the hell is going on?!'" -u/Itsjustmeagainmom


23. Not the rod's or boat's fault

"I was processing customer returns and a fishing rod had paperwork saying it wouldn't catch fish, another one said their boat was too tippy. Not sure if it was the same guy."-u/Electrical_Dirt9917

24. Fast food workers suffer a lot

"I worked at McDonalds. A man put a complaint in because I wouldn’t let him in after we’d already shut."-u/GardaTerror


25. Dress code policing

"After 7 years in the same company wearing the same kind of clothes, some jealous female co-workers went to the HR this summer to complain that I dress like a w***e."-u/_MShady

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