25 Times People Saw Something Hilarious and Simply Had to Screenshot It

25 Times People Saw Something Hilarious and Simply Had to Screenshot It
Cover Image Source: Reddit | r/screenshots

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to explain stuff without having to actually explain it? Sounds bizarre but thanks to the screenshot facility which now allows us to share a clearer picture without having to explain anything. We're all obsessed with screenshotting and let's not pretend like a big chunk of our phone space is taken up by screenshots. Not that we encourage unsolicited records of private conversations, but there were times when we wished could save the moments to relive them.


We are living in times when decluttering phone memory is more essential than physical space. And those random screenshots of our chats with friends, an old nemesis, or the workplace are to be blamed. A Reddit sub understood the assignment when asked to share hilarious screenshots and here are 25 screenshots from the subreddit that will make you laugh out loud:


1. Scamming the scammer


2. Lost the count for sure



3. The balance you didn't expect


4. Spilling emotions



5. Problem detected 1..2...3...


6. The crossover they didn't expect



7. For the love of those who are no more


8. That's life drowning



9. For the sake of Pi


10. Quack in love



11. We need some explanation over here


12. Olympic circles over here



13. Just kidding


14. Match of the day


15. That looks fun


16. That's one of a kind


17. UNO Reverse?


18. Straight up facts


19. Things we do for fun


20. This is not a coincidence, is it?


21. Forever terrifying


22. Glitch in the matrix


23. That was fast


24. "The boys" moment 


25. The odds of it will blow your mind


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