Here Are 25 Tried and Tested Harmless Pranks for You to Try and Get a Laugh

Here Are 25 Tried and Tested Harmless Pranks for You to Try and Get a Laugh
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Life is often mundane with so many errands and everyday responsibilities. Amidst everyday stress, one can always spread a healthy dose of laughter with some lighthearted pranks that have the ability to turn our everyday life brighter. Harmless pranks are all about spreading joy. This Reddit thread is exactly what you are looking for if you want to get some inspiration to prank colleagues or friends. Below are some best pranks that have been actually tried and tested and they are as funny as they can get. Scour through the options to see if there's one that you can pull on your folks.


1. This is so clever!

When you have a group of people over and 2 that don't know each other, tell each one separately that the other is hard of hearing and you have to speak loud when talking to them... You end up with the 2 yelling and talking to each other.- greenaidsdaog


2. Some pranks have no explanation... 

Put a large zucchini in somebody’s mailbox. Somebody did this to me years ago. I never found out who and I still think about it all the time.- Chasmann8

3. Crazy

I have placed 9 lollipops in various places in a colleague's cubical and numbered them 1-10 obviously skipping a number. Drives them crazy not being able to find the last one.- terriblueberry


4. Last-minute panic

My brother was going on a trip with his friends. As a joke, one of the friends texted him the day before leaving, "We're checking in at the airport. Where are you?"


Freaked him out.- greenaidsdaog

5. Not cool

Covering up the laser on the underside of someone's mouse.- MissingCalifornia

6. No way!

I replaced a family picture in one of those 5-picture frames with a pic of Saddam Hussein at my parent's house and they didn't realize it for a year.- jonfishman


8. Smart!

My three-year-old found my car keys three days in a row. Unbeknownst to me she was hiding the keys, so she could be the hero. I was pranked by a toddler.

9. What in the world?


Post an ad on their local Craigslist with the title “2 free goats. Hablas español” and list their phone number. Worked pretty well in a prank war with my friend and he doesn’t even live in a rural area. He got dozens of texts and calls. I guess people want free goats.- justntimejustin

10. Never Let them know your next move

An old boss of mine had like ten handwritten Post-it notes surrounding her computer screen. While she was on vacation, I photographed it, rewrote all of them myself exactly as she had written them, replaced them, stored the originals neatly and safely in her drawer and waited for her to come back confused as hell at her notes to herself written in someone else’s handwriting.- my_sorrow


11. Ready-made food is not prank

Hard boil their eggs and put them back in the box secretly.- Able-Ad191

12. Why are dad jokes infamous?

For April Fool's, I made my daughter the world's tiniest breakfast. I made a pancake the size of a dime, oatmeal served in a Barbie bowl and a cup of juice in a tiny Barbie cup...I thought it was funny, at least.- SeaTie


13. The Boys

One time on April Fool's Day after gym class, all the guys in my class put our actual shorts over our gym shorts and when we went back to class, we all pulled our shorts down in front of the rest of the class.- erazedcitizen

14. Kids, a lesson, never trust anyone

Instead of making Caramel apples, make caramel onions. Pass them out as a treat.- UltraDucks895

15. Eww... or is it?

Put yellow food coloring in the toilet tank so they think something is wrong with the toilet flushing-  rainamoss

16. Wait, What?

I’m pregnant. So I occasionally like to surprise my husband with “I’m pregnant” jokes. Like finding a bun in the oven.

17. Make people's lives difficult and call it harmless? Check!

If you unplug a device and put simple scotch tape over one prong and then plug it back in, it prevents the electrical connection and they will go over everything trying to figure it out. I have done it to people at work a few times when I was tech support so I could have something to do. Just make sure you fix it for them.- [deleted]

18. Cruel.

Rearrange all the apps on their phone- [deleted]

19. Genius

Put a note under their windshield wiper apologizing for hitting their car and leave an inappropriate phone number. They will spend 20 minutes inspecting every inch of their car. I know from experience.- Jon Fishman

20. Jake Peralta Move

Move everything on the desk (except the stapler) 1 inch to the right. When they walk in, they'll think their stapler has been moved 1 inch left.- EthelredTheUnsteady

21. Weird

I'm 6 feet tall and sometimes when ppl ask me how tall I am I say 5'10 so that the ppl who said they are 6 feet (who are) get called out for adding 2 inches. -@shfifty_dave


22. Text a "forgetful" friend, you mean...
Text a friend, "ETA?"- [deleted]

23. Elaborate planning

Hide a picture of yourself behind every cabinet door, even the furniture doors. Replace your picture in some of the framed pictures. Put your picture behind the medicine cabinet door, closet doors, just anywhere like that. Under the dining room table is good too. And the sun visor in a car.- Motovator

24. Too creative...

Leave messages on someone's desk saying "call E. Funt" throughout March. On April 1st, give them the number to the local zoo and tell them you have to ask for Ella and make sure you include her last name since there are 3 Funts who work there.- snakest

25. Woah!

I've done something like the rubber duck one at my office but not filling up a whole room. It was more just leaving rubber duckies on random people's desks at work. I worked the swing shift at a call center so when I first got in (around 2 in the afternoon) the office would be full but by the time I left, there would just be a few people in who worked nights. So before I left I'd walk by a random desk and leave a small rubber ducky on it. Eventually, people got to talking about the random rubber ducks showing up. Never got caught but I'm sure some suspect me because after I left for deployment through the reserves, the rubber ducky stopped appearing lol. I need to start doing that again. - @u/rocket___goblin

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 25 tried and tested harmless pranks you could try