25 Bold, Bizarre and Hideous Home Design Fails That You Would Love to Hate

25 Bold, Bizarre and Hideous Home Design Fails That You Would Love to Hate
Cover Image Source: Instagram | pleasehatethesethings

Human imagination has no boundaries and most designs are based on imagination. While designing a home, a lot can go right and vice versa. Some people decide to retain the design fails in their homes. When you visit these homes, you wonder who is weirder—the designer or the homeowner? (Provided they are different people) 


Designs that fail to inspire usually land up on social media platforms like @pleasehatethesethings. This dedicated Instagram account, run by a woman called Dina, is an ode to the "absurd, ugly & just plain stupid things in home design." Not everyone with a design degree is meant to be a good designer. One needs an eye for form, shape and composition to design home decor or appliances. Some people are just confident sans a "design eye" and their confidence gives birth to phallic-shaped windows, misplaced faucets, disproportionate staircases and cribs made from trucks. These designs become a laughing stock for the onlookers. 


We wonder why these bold, absurd, unsightly and downright stupid home designs had to exist. Dina's Instagram account has turned these designs into memes and we have chosen 25 of the most ridiculous design choices homeowners have ever made from the page. Since we can't use these designs, we can at least laugh at them. 


1. Say no more



2. Need a cup holder too




3. Hahaha




4. Very well fixed



5. Don't come to my side.




6. SIGH!




7. Redefining re-use



8. NO!!



9. Multitasking



10. No exit.



11. The misfit


12. No such thing as too many pandas



13. Umm. Don't know



14. Speechless



15. Comfort was not the purpose.



16. "When that third roommate hasn’t paid rent"



17. What in the world??!!



18. But, how?



19. For those who fear loneliness



20. Found the lost boots


21. Good Lord!



22. Where's the measuring tape?



23. Why??



24. Rock-flavored pizza



25. It's grate


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