by Stevie


As an independent media and lifestyle company, MensHumor aims to be a credible yet hilarious source of news geared for men who like to laugh, capturing the pulse of what matters most to our readers. We focus our content initiatives on two distinct channels, News and Entertainment.


MensHumor reaches more than 20 million social users (facebook, instagram and twitter)

Why work with us

MensHumor puts a spotlight on your creative. Our high quality content, combined with a clean and fast user-experience tells your brands story without distracting the user and diminishing your brand message. 

The MensHumor platform ties it all together to supercharge your brand and drive impact: 

  • Experienced team of journalists and content creators
  • A limited number of ad impressions per page, and all viewable to the user (less than ad 3 impressions per page)
  • Does not work with content recommendation and clickbait engines such as Rev Content, Taboola, and the like 
  • Outsider has scale and depth of audience
  • Large social following (20+ million followers)


Email [email protected] for details on requests for proposal, pricing info, mobile, video, content hub/vertical sponsorships, events, and more.