25 Entitled Flight Passengers Who Deserve to Be Roasted Hard | “Actress Expected the Crew to Change Her Kid’s Diaper”

25 Entitled Flight Passengers Who Deserve to Be Roasted Hard | “Actress Expected the Crew to Change Her Kid’s Diaper”
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Some passengers behave in the most immature and entitled way. Some flight attendants and co-passengers who had to bear with their behavior found a space to rant about it when Reddit user u/glittercorpse asked, "Flight attendants, both past and present, what’s the most entitled behavior you've seen from a passenger?" Hence, we found the treasure box of complaints from fliers. If we could capture all annoyingly entitled fliers and fly them away...we would. Here are 25 of the most ridiculously entitled airline passengers who annoyed everyone else around them only to become a laughing stock. 


1. "May I see your boarding pass?"

"Ever so often we get the odd straggler who boards last and finds a vacant seat in first or business thinking that we won't know that they are from coach.
>excuse me sir may I see your boarding pass.... sorry your seat is 58A not 1A
>but i'm so tall, I need the leg room.
awkward silence....." - u/zlinerlabs

2. No clothes dryer on the flight

"My girlfriend's mom is a flight attendant. One time a woman got quite angry because her daughter spilled apple juice all over and there was not a clothes dryer on the plane for her daughters sweater" -u/YacYacYac

3. Pass the parachute

"Was on a flight with really bad turbulence. It went on for about 10 minutes then the old lady next to me reaches up and presses her button. Attendant walks over to see if the woman is okay, the woman begins to yell at the attendant for the rough flight and that she's been flying her whole life and clearly the pilot has no idea what he's doing. The stewardess just walked away." -u/NotWeirdThrowaway

4. No upgrade

"Couple will book separate seats, the man in a premium economy seat with extra leg room, the woman in a normal economy seat. The woman will then play the sad sack and ask another passenger to give up their comfy seat so they can sit together. If the other passenger refuses (usually because they paid extra and literally don't fit in a regular seat), some will even complain to the crew to make them move the other passenger. And all this to save a few bucks on the second Premium seat." -u/ConstableBlimeyChips

5. Another seat?

"I once had a father put his child in my seat which was next to him on a trip and proceed to tell me to look for another seat on a full flight. Luckily the FA was able to find another seat for me so I didn't have to endure 3 hours of sitting next to the guy." -u/NotAVandal

6. Went nuts for sure 

"There was this kid in customs who was going nuts. He was driving people crazy in the departure area. On the flight, he had a full-sized metal Tonka truck that he was running up and down the aisle with. He smacked me on the head and nearly hit my mom in front of me. I grabbed it before he could hit my very frail and on blood thinners mom. I gave it to a crew member who refused to give it back to the family...When we got off, you could hear the kid screaming 1/2 way down the jetway. A police officer was holding him and the rest of the family (I'm guessing mom, dad and 2 grandparents) were in handcuffs." -u/TexasTeacher

7. That escalated quickly 

"Few years back, I had a 7 hours flight and a kid was sitting behind me who kept kicking the seat. I decided to just wait it, maybe he'll eventually stop. Nope. It went on for about hour until I couldn't take it anymore. She came back after few minutes and proceeded to take me to the first class. My very first experience in the luxury section." -u/Rikuddo

8. "Better do something about it or ELSE!"

"I once watched a very well-dressed businessman have an epic toddler-level tantrum at a check-in counter when he was advised his flight was delayed due to fog. He literally screamed and jumped up and down and demanded that the the airline "better do something about it or ELSE!" The guy working behind the counter just smirked and suggested that business guy was welcome to go outside and try and flap the fog away with his arms. Entire queue burst out laughing." -u/Nonia_Bizness



9. Climb out the wing already 

"I was a kid flying out to Utah to start my teen tour. About halfway through the flight (departing out of NY) the captain got on the speaker to announce an engine had failed and we needed to make an emergency landing in Chicago. One passenger, who stormed up to the flight attendant and explained she was a nanny and needed to get to Utah to attend to the children she took care of. I'm not exactly sure what she was hoping, that the pilot, upon hearing that a babysitter was on board would risk the lives of everyone to fly us all through, or that the flight attendant would be so moved by this story that she would climb out on the wing and repair the engine mid-flight. Alas, there was no emergency jet pack to give this passenger to blast away from the plane to get to Utah on time, and she was told to sit down." -u/Imalawyerkid

10. The window blind 

"Flight Attendant: "Can you please open your blind all the way? It's regulation for landing."
Passenger: "No, I want it closed."
This goes on for a minute.
P is using his tone to assert that he refuses to open it.
FA speed-walks to the handset and her voice comes on over the PA
"Hello, ladies and gentlemen. We're going to play some trivia today! The question is, why do we keep the blinds open during takeoff and landing?"
And without letting anyone answer she jumps right into, "It's so we can all keep an eye on the outside of the plane for safety! " -u/qweiuyqwe87y6qweiuy

11. "This is EXACTLY why we have rules"

" I was on a plane where half the plane were ignoring the rules and stuff. When we touched down these people immediately got up walking around and started taking their bags out of the overheads. Mind you, the plane hasn't parked it's just literally touched the floor of the landing strip so its still moving and it's dangerous for half the people on the plane...The flight attendants are now desperately trying to get these people to sit down until the plane stops moving and some people were waving their hands at them dismissively. I think the captain heard the commotion and the flight attendants half yelling because all of a sudden the plane did a VERY abrupt stop which knocked over all the people standing up and then continued to park. The flight attendant then said 'this is EXACTLY why we have rules' lol" -u/queenguac

12. The wedding dress meltdown 

"I had someone have a meltdown because I had to have them properly stow their wedding dress. The thing was massive and spilling into the aisle, blocking seats of the entire row. They may have had to pay the hotel to get the wrinkles out but I likely saved them from shoe prints and beverage cart rollers going back and forth over it. Still she was in tears and I was not going to risk others safety including my own." -u/Anaxamenes

13. She was removed 

"A woman, who boarded towards the end and was sitting in row 10A, left her bag in the aisle blocking everyone else trying to get on because she was looking for a place for her bag. She found a spot towards the back and put her hand in the air and started snapping and hollering at me to get her bag for her. I went up to her and told her to get her bag out of the aisle, she got in my face and demanded that I needed to put it up. When I told her I could not lift her bag for her, she threw a fit. Finally, a nice gentleman helped her. Anyways, after boarding, she accused me of stealing her fur scarf, I didn’t. Then she called me a little blonde b*tch. She was removed." -u/Sweetpicklebee

14. There flies my patience

"A guy's chair was broken and he refused to put it back up. The guy behind him dipped the tips of his fingers in some water and fake sneezed on top of the guy. At the same time, he flicked the water from his fingers onto the guy's sleeping face. The guy moved his seat up." -u/akjs

15. Put this man away 

"My mom was a flight attendant in her 20s. On, her first week flying, there was a group of drunk men on the flight. At one point when returning to quiet them down again, one of the fellows had his wang out on full display for her (FA) in all its flaccid glory. She says to him very politely and a bit taken aback, 'Why don’t you put that away now?' and this drunken man flat out says to her, 'Why don't you put it away for me?' with the most revolting smug smile on his face. My mom says (in her exact words), 'I'd be happy to do that for you, but you'd never be able to use it again.'" -u/astromochii



16. Staff on the plane board first!

"Currently on an airplane, and saw a man berate the flight attendant because they let employees of the airline board before the customers. He was so angry because he "paid for business select! They didn't pay for shit so why are they boarding before me!?'" -u/gerbilseverywhere

17. Got him off 

"Had a passenger a couple of rows in front of me aggressively asking the attendant for alcohol. We were still loading at the time. He was was warned twice. Just as we were pushing back from the gate, he was given his final warning by the senior attendant. As she walked away, he swore at her. She turned round and told him we were going back to the gate and he was getting off. And we did. 20mins for his luggage to go and we were off again. I congratulated her at the end." -u/Going-underground

18. Fly all the time 

"FA here: Probably been said before, but I experience this ALL the time. The 'But I fly all the time' kinda people. If you fly all the time, I wouldn’t need to tell you to put away your bags from the exit rows.. turn off your cellphone or not to get up from your seat during take off..." -u/Mraev

19. Poor snorer 

"I had a passenger complain to me that the man behind him was snoring too loudly. Putting on my best customer service smile, I offered to move the complainer who very aggressively told me that he’d paid for his seat and he wasn’t moving, yelling loudly enough that he woke the snoring guy in the process. I wish I’d had a first class seat available to move the snoring guy just to spite the complainer but there were only other economy seats available so I just told the complainer that he could continue yelling at me or he could accept my offer of a different seat but that was all I could do for him. I ended up giving the snorer free drinks for the rest of the flight." -u/UsernameTaken5074

20. Medical emergency and diet Coke 

"We had a medical emergency and we needed to get the AED out. While I had my hands full of medical equipment and we are paging for doctors, a woman grabs my dress and yanks it to get my attention (also, please don't ever do this). I turn thinking maybe she's a doctor. No. She wants a Diet Coke because we skipped her." -u/ShinyCupcake

21. Excuse me?

"I booked a first class ticket from Hawaii to St. Louis two weeks ago because my Grandmother passed at 104 and I needed to fly back rather quickly and it was the only way I could make my travel needs. I get on the flight and to my seat and the guy next to me looks me dead in the face and says 'Are you sure you're in the right seat? You don't look like you can afford this seat.' Granted I wasn't dressed the greatest but I showed him my ticket and told him to shut his mouth. Didn't hear a word out of him except 'excuse me' the rest of the flight." -u/Fourtires3rims

22. Ewww

"I was working the last flight of the night when a passenger came to the back to tell us the man he was sitting next to whipped his member out and urinated on the floor. To make a long story short. The guy couldn’t be bothered to get up and use a bathroom. Thoroughly disgusting." -u/Hokulani47

23. Not planning to crash but might as well do so with you on the plane 

"Not a flight attendant but my sister was. She once had an elderly passenger sitting in her seat with her relatively large purse on her lap. So she went up to her, asking nicely to put it underneath the front seat if she didn't want it to put it in the overhead compartment. The lady responded 'no, but that's alright, I'm not planning on opening and rummaging in it while we're starting or landing.' My sister explained her why she needs to put her purse away and she still refuses. Exact same answer. So she responded with 'and I am not planning to crash with our plane but in the rare occasion that we do ,we'll need your purse out of the way! And if you still won't comply, I feel forced to take it from you and leave it at the gate!'-u/Fayne-rocks

24. Trying to sleep...on three seats

"On a 6:30 am flight and the plane is mostly full. The row behind me has 3 seats and only 1 passenger. After take-off, I lean my chair back about half way and begin to fall asleep. I felt jostling on my seat but didn't think anything of it. A few seconds later, the man in the row behind me smacks my chair 3-4 times hard. When I turned around to ask if there was a problem, he began scolding me:
Him: 'Lean your chair back up! I can't sleep with your chair in my face!'
Me: 'What?'
Him: 'You have to lean your chair up. I'm trying to sleep!'
He was laying across the three seats, with his head at the window (I had a window seat)."-u/Blue_Irish

25. No way!

"Not me, but my sister is a flight attendant. A well-known actress on board her flight expected the flight crew to change her kids diaper. They didn't." -u/ParkingLotRanger

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 Annoying flight passengers who deserve to be roasted