'Dinosaur' Standup Comedian Tormenting People With 25 Bad Jokes and Puns Has The Internet In Splits

'Dinosaur' Standup Comedian Tormenting People With 25 Bad Jokes and Puns Has The Internet In Splits
Cover Image Source: Instagram | standup.trex

A creature now cracking funny jokes and puns went extinct 65 million years ago—it's the dinosaurs. Scientific research is still digging up new facts about this long-extinct animal but it is also contributing to humor. From cartoons to comics, we are assured dinosaurs had funny bones. 


Now we have a Dino standup comedian called Cooper who is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, known as @standup.trex on Instagram. The anonymous OP says he loved bad jokes ever since he was little. So whenever he met someone, he cracked his terrible jokes. But he doesn't aim to incite laughter from his audience. He admits that his preferred reaction is a sigh or a groaning look that says, "Are you serious right now?" But when the lockdown pushed people indoors in 2020, he couldn't find people to crack his bad jokes around and hence,  the dinosaur standup was born. He says, "In the middle of the lockdown in 2020, with very few people around I could torment with my jokes, I got an idea to open an Instagram page to share my jokes." Cool, right? The idea behind the page is simple: "Just a T-Rex trying to make my audience laugh".


When he started out, he did not know the world has people who find humor in similar bad jokes but then his page grew rapidly and it now has over 470K followers. After the success on Instagram, he also created a YouTube channel with the same concept. Many people like his family, co-workers, friends, and people who follow him contribute to his jokes. So we have gathered Cooper's 25 groan-worthy jokes for you. Scroll through and react as you wish. 


1. Smart T-Rex



2. C'mon




3. Oh well




4. Oh man!



5. This is funny




6. "Blue" our mind





7. Bad crime joke



8. Hmm.



9. What did you think?



10. Remarkable.



11. SIGH!



12. Ok.



13. Yeah, right.



14. Maybe you



15. A very corny joke



16. He just passed away



17. OG joke



18. Violent violin 



19. Cape Town



20. Good "bad joke"



21. A match made in heaven



22. New Year Joke



23. Good one



24. So boney



25. Rolling eyes


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 Bad jokes and puns by standup comedian T-rex