25 Times People Received Sad Meals Instead of Happy Meals From McDonald's

25 Times People Received Sad Meals Instead of Happy Meals From McDonald's
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @mcsenget

McDonald's is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, known for its deliciously stuffed burgers and other side dishes. Most of us stroll into the burger joint in hopes of ordering a Happy Meal and clicking a picture with the famous Ronald McDonald. But there are times when our expectations do not match our reality. Instead of getting a Happy Meal, we get a rather sad meal. Instead of a Big Mac, we end up getting a burger lookalike that seems to have lost significant weight, or a pack of soggy fries slathered with an overload of cheese.


A lot of people out there have experienced their share of nightmarish orders from McDonald's, and all of them have been documented by @mcsenget, who has an entire Instagram page dedicated to collecting pictures of messy McDonald's orders. The orders are disastrous enough to crack you up and make you think twice before ordering from the fast-food chain again.


1. Once upon a time... it used to be a burger


2. When you ask for a loaded burger



3. That is definitely stale


4. A river of cheese



5. Saving on their beef patty



6. It was supposed to be a Big Mac


7. Must be the soggiest fries ever



8. Serving cheese with extra cheese


9. A burger from a crime scene



10. Inside-out Big Mac



11. This burger looks dead inside


12. And this burger looks disappointing


13. How to eat more veggies


14. That oversized lettuce


15. No fillings only mayo


16. The missing bun on the top


17. Looks like a pile of poop


18. That's not how you arrange a burger


19. The pickle left the bun


20. Way to trigger trypophobia


21. The meal you get when your credit card gets declined


22. This was made by a frustrated employee


23. That bun looks suspiciously nasty


24. The missing beef patty


25. Play a Sufjan Stevens song while eating this


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 Bad orders documented by people from McDonalds