Despacito With Beer Bottles

What’s the most you’ve ever done with your beer bottle empties? We all had that friend who would adorn the space above their kitchen...

Hood Names at Graduation

No one envies the person that has to read off all the names at a graduation. There’s a greater than 50% chance they’re going to get it wrong. But...

Heart Attack Grill Serves 20,000 Calorie Burger

  You could say America is generally unhealthy because of an ignorance is bliss attitude towards food choices. Who really wants to look up the...

Now THIS Is How You Get To That Other Lake!

Overcoming obstacles of natural terrain in motorized vehicles, especially terrain that said motorized vehicle is not primarily built for, is one of the great...

Reading the Ikea Catalog

If the scenes and settings in an IKEA catalog were actually realistic portrayals, they’d have a picture of you in their store fighting with...

Diet Struggles

Seems like we’re all way more health conscious than we used to be. Even the unhealthiest of us feel like we have to diet...

Pizza Topped With 16 Burgers (and other food monstrosities)

What are we doing? Why do we always try to amp up things that don’t need improving? The original pizza recipe never really needed...

Soap Hockey

Soap hockey sounds like some sort of unspeakable act that happens in prisons. Something a seasoned convict would describe in vague terms to a...

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Walking Away From An Explosion

This is one of those dorm room conversations that has been had over and over again. People don't really just turn their backs...

Hilarious Break-up Stories

This dude rolls thru a ton of break-up stories that were submitted to his channel in just a few minutes. These are bound to make...

Wet vs. Dry

Tell me you haven't had a conversation just like this. Seriously if you haven't had a conversation like this in the last 2...
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