Heart Attack Grill Serves 20,000 Calorie Burger

  You could say America is generally unhealthy because of an ignorance is bliss attitude towards food choices. Who really wants to look up the...

How Nations Say Hi

If you’re travelling abroad, learning to say hello is probably the first thing you pick up from the language of your destination. Once you...

Supermarket Puns

These guys got all the dad jokes. When you first start watching this you understand the schtick right away. We get it, you like the shitty word play. ...

Serving A Hot Girl

Funny sketch from our friends down under. Before you get hot and bothered about the guys being portrayed this way, just be fine admitting that everyone gets weak-knees and stupefied...

Blindfolded Boxing

Who ya got? You might find this a tough call. Are you going to choose pink shorts who clearly has an athletic advantage? Or are you choosing blue...

Wet vs. Dry

Tell me you haven't had a conversation just like this. Seriously if you haven't had a conversation like this in the last 2 months, you need a new...

Beer Pong Golf

Where have you been all my life? Of course this is a thing. What college or university tailgate party wouldn't have something like this at every other...

Making Working Superhero Items

What’s the most creative you ever got with your super hero toys? You probably peaked at blowing up your Cyclops action figure with firecrackers. Not...

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If you're gonna lose a fantasy football league... at least give some context as to what the hell you're doing. Geez...

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