Backflip Challenge

Check it out... every single guy who is sitting there with a girlfriend barely reacts to this guy showing off. All the ladies react, but the only guys...

Walking Away From An Explosion

This is one of those dorm room conversations that has been had over and over again. People don't really just turn their backs on something about to explode...

Hood Names at Graduation

No one envies the person that has to read off all the names at a graduation. There’s a greater than 50% chance they’re going to get it wrong. But...

Wresting Moves At The Beach

Anybody who hears this ring-side announcement in their head can't resist the urge to kick a bro in the face. Check this out: when the beach is your spring mat... ...

Blindfolded Boxing

Who ya got? You might find this a tough call. Are you going to choose pink shorts who clearly has an athletic advantage? Or are you choosing blue...


Why this is only opened to the general public one weekend a year is a crime. THIS IS AWESOME It is part of a summer camp program so campers...

Now THIS Is How You Get To That Other Lake!

Overcoming obstacles of natural terrain in motorized vehicles, especially terrain that said motorized vehicle is not primarily built for, is one of the great...

Serving A Hot Girl

Funny sketch from our friends down under. Before you get hot and bothered about the guys being portrayed this way, just be fine admitting that everyone gets weak-knees and stupefied...

Tiny Cat Huge Personality

Can't call this "Jesus Cat" -- cause that would be sacrilege. Instead we are just gonna post this here and walk away.

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This is a really funny concept

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If you're gonna lose a fantasy football league... at least give some context as to what the hell you're doing. Geez...

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