25 Celebrities Who Totally Owned Memes About Them and Had Us Saluting Their Sense of Humor

25 Celebrities Who Totally Owned Memes About Them and Had Us Saluting Their Sense of Humor
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We see several celebrities getting trolled on the internet every hour. Though some trolls and meme creators are out there trying to dampen the image of a famous personality while hiding behind their keyboards, there are some truly wholesome memes about celebrities as well.


These memes bring us nothing but a moment of good laughter. And surprisingly enough, some celebrities react to the lighthearted ribbing in an equally fun way. Here is a compilation of 25 instances when celebrities acknowledged their iconic memes and a couple of them even recreated it for our entertainment.


1. Tobey Maguire responding to his "Bully Maguire" memes



2. Henry Cavill responding to his CGI mustache removal for Justice League with a video




3. Tiffany Pollard remains the meme queen by recreating her "wearing sunglasses and sitting on the bed" moment from Flavor of Love



4. Nene Leakes replying to rumors of her getting fired from Real Housewives with her laughing meme


5. Bernie Sanders decided to sell his meme in mittens merch to raise money for charity



6. Kevin Hart and The Rock mocking Dwayne's iconic meme of '80s outfit



7. Justin Timberlake shared a clip from It's Gonna Be Me on April 31 reminding us of the It's Gonna Be May meme



8.  Real Housewives cast member Taylor Armstrong clicked a picture with someone dressed as Smudge the Cat on Halloween


9. Nick Young using his own meme on Twitter


10. John Cena making a joke about iPhone's face ID referring to his "You Can't See Me" meme


11. Kate Beckinsale clarifying the meme of her and Pete Davidson kissing next to Queer Eye's Antoni 


12. Debby Ryan recreated her "shy" face meme from the Disney channel movie Radio Rebel


13. Chuck Norris created The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book and capitalized on becoming the ultimate meme


14. Paul Rudd recreated his "look at us" meme from Hot Ones  for an ad to encourage people to wear masks



15. Courtney Cox mocking her Scream 3 short fringe haircut


16. Taylor Swift wearing a "no it's Becky" t-shirt reminding us of the infamous Tumblr meme


17. Demi Lovato retweeted her hilarious gif meme


18. Kim Kardashian created "kimojis" and merch out of her botox-heavy crying face

19. Chrissy Teigan replied to the meme of her face after she noticed the camera on her at the 2018 Emmys


20. Catherine O'Hara recreating her iconic "Kevin" moment


21. Ryan Gosling responded to the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" meme by eating cereals upon the demise of the meme's creator, Ryan McHenry

22. "They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard" meme song performed by Orlando Bloom from the sets of The Lord of the Rings


23. James Van Der Beek recreated his Dawson's Creek character's iconic crying face


24. Cardi B reposting her own meme on Instagram


25. Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna makes the same "cringy face" expression as hers


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